Month: July 2010

Captain Obviousisms 2: Senate 41 Edition

Obvious -it’s not just for breakfast anymore

I wholeheartedly believe that most foundational concepts regarding liberty, accountability, and responsible governance are really, really easy. Those truths that are not astoundingly obvious (like ‘it IS NOT the government’s job to regulate my salt intake‘) are at least fairly obvious to the average 4th grader (like ‘it IS the federal government’s job to secure the borders’)

This one is dedicated to the 41, the Republicans in the United States Senate. Considering the intended audience, I will stick to small words and easy concepts. So here we go.

When to use the filibuster

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Independence Day 2010 – November 2

Do we love liberty enough to keep it? I think we do.

A free people will not give up its freedom. Never has it been more evident than now that America is not Europe. We are indeed the world’s last best hope. And know this: America is spectacularly, magnetically, incurably, incandescent Exceptional. In spite of what the Boy President™ says, we ARE exceptional. And also in spite of what he says, nobody else can lay claim to the term.

We are it. There is no other. We are Exceptionalist America. We are the shining light of freedom that shows all the people of the world that they can be free as well.
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