Month: September 2010

Taking Chance – if you don’t get what’s great about America, maybe this movie will show you

Conservatives, patriots, military veterans, families and close friends of military, and plain average Americans will instantly get this movie. There’s no surprise in it for them, although it is gripping from beginning to end. But this movie wasn’t made for them, not really. It was made for the person who doesn’t quite get it. If you have allowed yourself to be persuaded by those who:

  • think the term American Exceptionalism is smug and self-congratulatory
  • don’t believe America is the bright shining symbol of freedom on a hill
  • think that America’s history is dominated by government-sanctioned oppression, racism, and the haves stealing from the working have-nots (other than the last 2 years, I mean)
  • think the model of ordered freedom needs to be replaced by a grand scheme controlled by smart, benevolent leaders
  • have no earthly idea why young American men would flock to recruiting offices by the thousand to sign up for a war in Iraq that could very well get them killed
  • think America owes you something, but you don’t owe anything back

but something in your heart gives you the lie, that recognizes something dissonant about it late at night, when it’s just you and your thoughts….then this movie is for you. Because you don’t get America, but you could. Somewhere in you beats the heart of an American. And there is something splendid, wonderful, and liberating about finally surrendering to the beauty of America.
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Democrats, it’s time for you to shine

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……..

Now is an exciting time to be a Democrat, don’t you think? The midterm election is 40 days away. In a short two years we’ve gotten to see the Democrat vision for America take shape before our eyes. America stands ready to ratify that grand vision at the ballot box.

But instead of being loud and proud of the progress they’ve wrought on America, I see Democrats running from their records faster than Carl Lewis. They dodge any kind of forum where they have to meet constituents. None of their ads mention Porkulus, Cap and Trade, epic deficit spending, or even banking and automotive industry takeovers. By all appearances, the words “health” and “care” are not to be mentioned together, on pain of death. Nobody running for office wants Barack to campaign for them; or if he comes to their state, they mysteriously can’t break away from urgent business in order to be seen with him.

This is a strange and unbelievable thing. Why is this so?
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My Connection to Terry Jones

It is scary, folks. It really is.

[ed – this story was written the day that it was announced breathlessly by lefty sites that nut-job Terry Jones was at the same high school in 1969 as Rush Limbaugh. It led to the expected headlines and yuckety-yucks in the commie media, including the WaPo bird-cage paper. I decided I had better fess up to my own Terry Jones connection before the commie media discovered it]
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