Month: November 2010

The case for Joe Barton as Chairman of Energy and Commerce

Did Boehner and House leadership hear the American people, or will it be business as usual? This decision will tell all.

[Full disclosure – Joe Barton is my congressman. I have met him in passing and have sat in a couple of meetings he has conducted, since I was once a precinct chairman. Likewise I have met a handful of his staff, who also probably have no memory of me.]

You may know Joe Barton only as the guy who in a recent committee hearing accused the Obama administration of a “shakedown” and actually apologized to the CEO of British Petroleum for despicable treatment from Democrats and the Obama administration while BP was going to extraordinary lengths to stop the spill and do right by the people in the Gulf. You may remember that as a major “gaffe” by an ignorant and bumbling back-bencher who was quickly and publicly put in his place by GOP leadership.

If that is what you know of Joe Barton, then you know nothing.
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Dear 52

Hate what you’ve done to the place. Now get out. The grownups have a huge mess to clean up. Hope you like your new name. I know I sure do. Henceforth you shall be called….


Be seeing ya.

[It’s the closest I could find, at this early date, to a nationwide tally of who voted for who, a ballpark average of the Senate and Governor races. If you find a better number, let me know in the comments please.]

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