Month: January 2011

Herman Cain announces presidential exploratory committee

America can be great again

There has been a good bit of ‘presidential’ buzz about Herman Cain in the right online community, and in the conservative camp in general. He’s not been shy about admitting that he’s considering it. Now he’s taking the next step. I had the privilege of speaking with him for a half-hour last night after he was done with his nationally syndicated talk show, and I am pleased to make the following announcement on RedState.

Moments ago, Herman Cain announced on FoxNews’ Your World Cavuto that he is forming an exploratory committee to determine the feasability of a run for President of the United States in the 2012 election.
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Clyburn (D, House Leadership) admits that so-called Fairness Doctrine curbs free speech

Just saying

In the aftermath of the Tucson shooting outrage by a loony lone gunman who seems to have had no interest in talk radio, the Left has nevertheless stuck with the Rahm Emanuel adage “Never let a crisis go to waste”. I’ll not recite all the details and examples. You know them. I just want to point out something interesting that came from the mouth of the third-ranking Democrat in the House, James Clyburn(D-SC).
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The President I will have

A field general, not a media-approved diplomat

All the cool people were chiming in with their presidential qualifications list. I thought I’d try to be trendy and urbane too. Possibly smoke some cigarettes with those fancy quellazaires and blow smoke rings, while breezily opining on the matters of the day. That’s still cool, right?

OK, now the fun and games are over. I mean that. What’s been done to this country the last 4 years isn’t a bit funny, nor have been two generations worth of the march to an over-arching state, the very opposite of what the Founding Fathers built and 10 generations of Patriots fought and died for.

November 2010, America voted to break the seige. We sent 90-odd new soldiers to the wall some of them replacing soldiers who demonstrated no stomach for the fight. What they do for two years, we’ll see. Succeed or fail though, we will send another 50 in November 2012, perhaps replacing some of those who campaigned one way, then governed another. In addition, we will send in a new field general.
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