Month: February 2011

Rights and Duties

Rights and Duties

The following line of reasoning is adapted very loosely from the writings of Russell Kirk in his book Rights and Duties: Our Conservative Constitution, which covered a good bit more territory than the following treatise.

The air is filled at any given time with talk of rights. There is the right to life; the right to free speech; the right to carry arms; the right to property; the right to privacy; the right to health care; the right to worship what and how and if you please; the right to associate with whom you please; the right not to have your rights taken away without due process of law; and everybody’s favorite, the right to free stuff paid for by somebody else.
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GE can go shove those Ronald Reagan tribute videos

Reagan deserves better than that.

If you want to start a GE bashing fest start your own diary and do it.

OK I did it, Captain Underpants.

There are two things that matter about messages. You can drill down as deep as you want to, and it’s always true. Apply it to bridge building, football, politics, cribbage, recipes, resumes, witnesses in court, and chocolate. Never a variance to left or to right.

  • First, the messenger, and yes, that always comes first.
  • Second, the message, and yes, that always comes second.

I’ll show you what I mean.
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