Month: May 2011

Make their sacrifice count

In our history, over 1 million men (and some women) have died under arms serving under the flag of the United States. Most died a violent death, some by violent disease. Nearly all were young, their lives full of potential, cut short by sacrifice in the cause of freedom. Many were drafted, many freely volunteered to serve. Some were not even American citizens. In terms of measuring the sacrifice, add to these who died the millions who were injured severely, in many cases crippled for life. And add to those, still more who came away relatively unscathed physically , yet bore a lifetime of emotional scars that robbed them of their own freedom.
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You might be an Establishment Republican if…..

Ok, ladies and gentlemen. There seem to be a large number of Republicans, elected and otherwise, who either believe they are conservative and are stupid, or they are just cynically coopting the term for their benefit. Some hide under the cover of the conservative label when it is convenient, but others simply do not understand that their beliefs and opinions, their values and principles, are counter to the conservative movement, and are in fact counter-productive. They work for the enemy while drawing a paycheck from the good guys.

So here’s a quick and dirty little test. 25 questions. If you are a yes on 5 or more, you need check your drawers to see if you have the right equipment. If you get 8 or more, just go buy an Obama t-shirt and get out of here.
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Lamar Alexander: Punking Conservatives Since 2002

I don’t like House Speaker John Boehner. I mean, I would not walk across the street to spit on him if he was on fire. That guy folded, holding 4 aces, on the Government Shutdown Showdown. He is currently talking out of both sides of his mouth on the Debt Limit Firewall. In spite of holding the high cards again, signs point toward him again accepting some crumbs but otherwise capitulating to the CPUSA when that showdown happens. I can hardly wait for how proud that will make me to be an American.
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Far from Gutsy: Contemptibly Craven

Most Americans have seen through the Commie Media’s borderline comical chorus of “most gutsy call in all history” and “cancel the 2012 elections” after Barack ordered the Navy Seals hit on Bin Laden. In spite of the media’s best efforts, polls have showed no particular bump (other than frequent outlier ABC/WaPo) in his approval ratings. Good on Americans. It is likely the lefty dreams of a dumb, gullible electorate are long gone in this era.
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