Lamar Alexander: Punking Conservatives Since 2002

I don’t like House Speaker John Boehner. I mean, I would not walk across the street to spit on him if he was on fire. That guy folded, holding 4 aces, on the Government Shutdown Showdown. He is currently talking out of both sides of his mouth on the Debt Limit Firewall. In spite of holding the high cards again, signs point toward him again accepting some crumbs but otherwise capitulating to the CPUSA when that showdown happens. I can hardly wait for how proud that will make me to be an American.

But you know what? Boehner is a prince compared to the GOP Establishment Apparatchiks who run the Senate Republican Caucus. Boehner is merely a coward who lacks core conservative instincts: Mitch McConnell and the dirtiest backroom dealer in the Senate, #3 guy Lamar Alexander, these two guys talk like they are conservatives, but behind the scenes are tirelessly busy at work stomping out every fire of grassroots conservatism they can find. They heard what America had to say on November 2, 2010. They heard it loud and clear. Far from being grateful for the increased clout given to them by going from 40 to 47 Senators, they railed over what would have happened had the Tea Parties not fouled up their other squish candidates like Mike Castle, et al.

I wrote a little love letter a couple of weeks ago to Lamar Alexander, noting how he sure was fine writing strongly worded letters when it came to the near-daily Communist atrocities over at the Beltway. He likes to call himself a conservative, and will often talk the talk quite adeptly. But he is always there ready to fold, or capitulate, or negotiate when it comes time to defend conservative principles.

Well, the little dirt bag has been busy since then. First, there was the judicial nomination (h/t Picklyman), another Obama special — another hard-core leftist named John McConnell, former Rhode Island Planned Parenthood director and noted plaintiff lawyer specializing in the tobacco industry and lead paint. A guy who donated $700,000 to Communist Party Democrat candidates in the last two decades (but let’s please not talk about anybody “buying” a judgeship or anything) and who currently receives $2.5 million PER YEAR as ongoing payments for settlements made with the tobacco companies in the 90s. Swell guy, and I’m sure he will be an impartial judge. Uh huh.

Alexander voted for cloture, along with 10 others (some of the usual suspects including the Brown-Collins-Snowe sisters, noted RINO Mark Kirk, Lindsey Gramnesty, 2008 presidential candidate John McCain, and GOP Establishment favorite for 2012 John Thune) making it a 63-33 vote. Then he, like the others, turned around and voted no on the confirmation, which passed 50-44.

Alexander, chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, is the third ranking Republican in the Senate. He called McConnell a “flawed nominee” for a judge, but defended his vote for cloture.

“I know that most of my Republican colleagues are going to register their opposition to Mr. McConnell by voting to deny an up-or-down vote. I respect their decision; I understand how they feel,” Alexander said on the Senate floor. “I also was outraged in 2003 when Democratic senators filibustered President Bush’s circuit court nominees simply because they disagreed with their philosophies. I made my first speeches on the floor of the Senate arguing against such a change in precedent.”

So, let’s see. He objected to the Democrat practice of using the filibuster purely on the basis of judicial philosophy. Yet he works to make sure that we Republicans don’t get to use the filibuster at all, even on a guy who is obviously a crook. Alexander was studiously, in fact indignantly unwilling to use the tools at the disposal of the minority in order to do his duty of upholding the Constitution.

Now here’s the thing. Most of these 11 are on record as indicating they will participate in no filibusters of judicial nominees (see the link above for quotes). Meaning the great Tea Party surge – objecting precisely to the imperialistic Obama administration and the Dems flouting all law and reason – counts for nothing in the Senate.

Hey, Lamar. XXXX you, you moron. And the horse you rode in on. I can tell you this. I can and I will.

Dirty deed number two: Alexander, along with SML Mitch McConnell and 5 other Republicans (the usual suspects) are among the 15 co-sponsors of S-679, a Schumer-concocted scheme to reduce greatly the number of federal officers who require Senate confirmation.

You don’t have to hear any more to know what a spectacularly moronic adventure it is for any Republican to vote for, much less co-sponsor that bill. Can you possibly imagine that Obama will not take advantage of such an opening, cramming more nuts, fruits, communists, criminals, and child molesters into decision-making positions? He already does that, and Lamar wants to make it even harder to fight against.

And here we have the #1 and #3 Republicans in the Senate leading the charge. Right into the pits of hell.

The Tea Parties spoke. America spoke. Independents spoke. And what they called for, this ain’t it. These dogs, they think the Tea Parties took their one shot, and they are done. That just goes to show you, not only are they mean litle men, they are stupid too.

2012 will be a time when America takes on this cleanup job in earnest. Mitch and Lamar will be dealt with.

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