Month: June 2011

Not My President, Part 1 of 50: the Imperial barack

A president does not rule.

It’s not something conservatives and law-abiding folk like to say. It goes against our sense of decency, our respect for law, truth, and orderly government and civilization. It is especially repugnant since the marxist pigs of the American left use the term so flippantly against Republican presidents, as they are often so free to spew any expression of hatred toward the right. It sounds so like them.

But it was never so right as it is today.
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Huntsman – new name, same old GOP game

We’ve already seen this movie….

Stop me if you’ve heard this one already:

  • He has a long history of working well with Democrats, meaning that he would be a great example of being a president of the people, not just conservatives. He would also be able to count on Democrat and media cooperation when it comes to getting nominations confirmed, budgets passed, and progress made.
  • By choosing not to publicly preach controversial conservative values, he will present a GOP that belies their public reputation of bigotry, racism, and strident, extreme views.
  • His temperate, non-combative persona will appeal to moderates, thus giving Republicans the best chance to win.
  • By showing respect for the Democrats, the media will be thrown off their normal attack mode and will give him love, respect, and perhaps children.
  • Instead of attacking Democrats personally, blatantly criticizing them for driving the economy over the cliff, sparking racial tensions, and showing a weak face to the world that has only emboldened dictators and jihadists, he only frames things as “policy differences”.
  • He will insist that not just he, but all Republicans refrain from harsh criticism of Democrats. After all, they love America just as much as Republicans do.

If you dialed your way-back machine to 2007 and 2008, you see an astoundingly simple mathematical equation.

John Huntsman = John McCain.
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