Month: July 2011

Republicans are getting better at this

There is a history here

In the negotiations over raising the nation’s credit card limit, you see it: grassroots Americans shudder with suspicion and fear every time House Speaker Boehner walks out of a meeting. They tremble every time the left-wing press stirs rumors of a “grand deal,” “grand compromise,” or yet another cockamamy proposal floated by weak-kneed Senate Republicans. We’ve seen this movie before. But have we really?

I’m going on record: Republicans are getting better at this. They are getting a lot better at this, and they’re learning in a hurry.
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UnifiedPatriots gets early scoop on launch

Early Scoop

Wednesday night, Unified Patriots scooped most of the world on the launch of a significant “Draft Rick Perry” site and movement. The young start-up, with so-far humble numbers, humble beginnings, but quite a bit of connection where it counts, ran with the launch of TimeForPerry and a hard-hitting video Wednesday night with two frontpage stories before 11:15pm Wednesday, and a follow-up before 10am Thursday.

Most of the media and blogging world had it by noon Thursday. Our JadedbyPolitics had it on the site 18 hours before that, at 5:48pm Wednesday, 6 hours before it started getting its first national play.
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House leaders ignoring barack’s petulant edicts

I always thought it was a waste of time for House leadership to meet more than a couple of times with barack, along with some inconsequential players in other House and Senate leadership positions. Meeting a couple of times was a matter of courtesy, and failure to do so would have rightly painted House Republicans as uninterested in arriving at a solution, so one can hardly blame them for giving barack a chance to be reasonable. Once barack showed himself in his best arrogant, petulant, and grandstanding form, any meetings following that would have served no purpose.
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Not my president, part 3 of 50: holding a gun to granny’s head

A President of the United States does not hold a gun to the heads of senior citizens in order to attempt to advance a political point. He does not threaten their welfare. He does not try to panic them by telling them that their Social Security checks may not be coming. He does not blame the other party for their intransigence, when he himself won’t budge off his demand that taxes be raised as part of an agreement to raise the debt ceiling.

Such behavior is grossly despicable. It is spiteful, cold, calculated, intensely selfish, self-serving, and far, far beneath the standard for presidential behavior. It is in fact indecent behavior for a person of any stripe at all. The fact that it is typical of Democrat behavior does not make it acceptable. It is also typical of evil tyrants who use their subjects for whatever purposes suit them. It was standard behevior for Mao Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Joe Stalin, Che Guevera, Fidel Castro, and Pol Pot; a gallery of mass murderers if there ever was one.

It is the 3rd of 50 reasons that barack is not my president.

He’s not bluffing. He will hold back SS checks

It gets worse. A lot worse. barack means it. He is an arrogant moron and has no idea how to cede the point when he has lost the debate. When August 2 rolls around, either the Republicans will have (stupidly) surrendered, or the government, according to tax-cheating Treasury Secretary, will have exhausted its $14.3 trillion credit card limit.

At that time, the government will not go into default. It will simply be out of borrowing authority. It will receive $210 billion in tax receipts, while having $360 billion in obligations. Social Security checks need not be held back.

But they will, and I know they will.

Deliberately inflicting fiscal pain is a signature Democrat move

Have you ever noticed how often that city governments, when forced to cut back, will first threaten to lay off cops, firemen, trashmen, and teachers? When their demands to turn the cash spigot are not met, they actually do it. Meanwhile, the employees in city hall are still on the job, mayors and councilmen still go on golfing trips on the city dime, and life otherwise goes merrily on.

So why do they lay off cops, firemen, trashmen, and teachers? Purely to punish the citizens for demanding fiscal responsibility.
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Boehner to barack: excuse us for trying to lead

I just don’t like Boehner historically. He’s done us wrong too many times. But MAN these days are just trying me. You’ve heard so much about these discussions between House leadership (Boehner and Cantor) and the Obamanistas. I’ve understood that Senate Dems and Repubs, as well as House Dems are also in attendance. But this thing is a deal when and only when Boehner and barack agree to something.

Maybe you’ve heard that the much-anticipated Sunday meeting lasted for 75 minutes.
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Taking it back: Labor Day? Make that Right to Work Day!

I’m as big as fan as the next guy of having a nationally-recognized 3-day weekend, suitable for grilling, lake or back yard fellowship, traveling, or taking on big home-improvement projects. Celebratory or honor-related 3-day weekends are especially great, even if primarily we do that celebrating and honoring in the above-mentioned ways. I love Independence Day (and I never call it “July 4”), because the signing of the Declaration of Independence signified a new way, a new beginning, a new form of government. I love Christmas, because it celebrates the birth of our Lord (even if in all likelihood He was born in March or April, and for that matter almost certainly 5-6 BC). I love Memorial Day as an opportunity to honor fallen Patriots in all wars.

Labor Day? Not so much. I’ll take the day off and enjoy the extra activities. But I’ll dress up like a big hairy woman in fishnet hose, and go hang out in a a biker bar before I’ll celebrate communism and the American labor monster.
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Texas executes rapist-murderer over barack objection

Last night, shortly after 6pm, the State of Texas executed one low-life creep named Humberto Leal Garcia, in illegal alien who was a Mexican national. In 1994 in San Antonio, he raped, tortured, and murdered a young teen girl named Adria Sauceda, an American citizen, after she had already been drugged and gang-raped by some other men. I’ll comment no more on the details of that crime, beyond noting that he didn’t deserve to live 17 years after he murdered the girl, and he deserved a style of execution that current law does not allow. Read it here if you want to know. My heart is with Adria’s family, who had to wait until yesterday for some measure of closure. I wish them all the best in this life and the next.
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Not My President, Part 2 of 50: Thou shalt hate your fellow American

When George W Bush was president, did you ever notice how he used to always tell Americans they should be angry at, say, the polluters? Big Pharma? Big Oil? Lawyers? Nutty global warming freaks/ Rich people? Poor people? Black Americans? Democrats? People who listen to Air America?

No? Funny, I don’t either. In fact, I am hard pressed to remember a president in my lifetime, or any president ever, who made a point of absolutely demonizing subgroups, corporations, industries, states, individual people, or political groups (I am exempting James Earl Carter, Jr from any discussion that involves grownups). You know why?

Presidents don’t do that

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