Not My President, Part 2 of 50: Thou shalt hate your fellow American

When George W Bush was president, did you ever notice how he used to always tell Americans they should be angry at, say, the polluters? Big Pharma? Big Oil? Lawyers? Nutty global warming freaks/ Rich people? Poor people? Black Americans? Democrats? People who listen to Air America?

No? Funny, I don’t either. In fact, I am hard pressed to remember a president in my lifetime, or any president ever, who made a point of absolutely demonizing subgroups, corporations, industries, states, individual people, or political groups (I am exempting James Earl Carter, Jr from any discussion that involves grownups). You know why?

Presidents don’t do that

All politicians are political animals, that is true. Many presidents have been no angels, and some certainly had their dislikes, their opponents, perhaps even their private political enemies list. Presidents can and do stand in a public speech and speak against opponents and their views. But they don’t call on the public to make his enemies their enemies.

Not once, Not ever. Presidents of the United States don’t do that.

However, when it comes to barack, it’s not once, but nonstop. And this is the second of 50 reasons that he is not my president. Because the President of the United States does not set Americans against other Americans. If barack doesn’t tell you that they are evil, then he tells you that you should not support them, or he mocks them, defames them, slanders them, or sends the “Justice” Department after them. Or his cabinet members, czars, or administration do his dirty work for him.

A short list, off the top of my head, of entities that barack has either publicly demonized or had his minions do so:

  • People with private jets don’t pay their fair share, and must be forced to pay for raising the debt ceiling.
  • Gulf drilling industry (other than the Brazilian company Petrobas, who barack has committed America to subsidize).
  • “Those who got us in this mess” should stop talking and get out of the way – I take it he was referring to Barney Frank, Kent Conrad, and Chris Dodd, none of whom are currently in prison.
  • Ray LaHood, moron and Transportation Secretary, made a special case out of Toyota and fined them $16 million for a fantasy “runaway acceleration” issue after the government took over GM and Chrysler. He went so far as to state Toyota drivers should “stop driving” them. Eventually the issue was declared non-existent, but the fine was not rescinded.
  • Arizona – for the crime of trying to address the untenable border situation that the federal government would not touch, Obama called the state misguided and that their new law would “undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans“. Then his administration filed suit to stop the law from taking effect.
  • Texas.
  • Republican leaders should not listen to Rush Limbaugh.
  • Cops who arrest black professors who go completely ballistic when questioned – it’s “Acting stupidly”.
  • Bankers who don’t know that he’s the only one standing between them and the people with pitchforks.
  • Las Vegas – don’t be having your corporate conventions there.
  • Coal producers – he will bankrupt them.
  • Beauty pageant contestants who will not bow to left-wing political correctness when asked what they think of gay “marriage” Obama’s #1 attack dog David Axelrod was sent after Carrie Prejean.
  • People who cling bitterly to the guns and their Christianity. Incidentally, muslims who riot and murder over cartoons? No problem. After all, according to barack, America is one of the largest muslim nations in the world.
  • The Tea Party groups.
  • The rich – but not George Soros
  • The richbut not fat cat Kleptocrat donors.
  • The rich – but if you donate lots of money to barack, you can get a plum government job.
  • The coal industry. He promised to bankrupt them.
  • Wisconsin – “an assault on unions“.
  • The originalist wing of the Supreme Court – in his 2010 State of His Unions address, barack castigated the Supreme Court, in front of the nation, with members sitting in attendance, for their decision in CU vs FEC, saying “I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities”. He was lying, since he very much believes those things. This is the guy whose campaign website (again, just like in 2008) will allow credit card donations of under $200 to come from any source, anywhere, in any multiples, with no records kept, and with no security features enabled.

Have I left any out? Oh I am sure I have. Every time I turn around, barack is trying to deflect blame for his failed policies and leftist takeover operations by making another scapegoat out of somebody.

The dignity of the Office requires better. This person is not my president.

PS – just for the record, taking shots at the Supreme Court in a nationally televised State of his Unions speech – represents a low-class low watermark. That is a deed only a despicable cad, a spectacularly little man, would do. I think Sam Alito should have challenged him to a sparring match, and punched him in the mouth a few times.

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