So, What’s Everybody Doing for Right to Work Day Weekend?

About 7 weeks ago I declared here that I would never celebrate Labor Day, for reasons obvious and numerous. Suffice it to say that I believe that unions and the labor movement as composed today (and 117 years ago as well) represent the very opposite of the ideas that America was founded upon, and under which America has thrived for well over 200 years. Unions are corrupt, anti-democratic, anti-freedom, and anti-free market. They are violent and dangerous. They are a parasite on the economy. What’s more, the federal government is so thoroughly penetrated by labor forces that they seem to work to one end. They deserve many things, all of them bad. What they do not deserve is to be honored with a paid national holiday on a par with Memorial Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Washington’s Birthday.

Now, all that said, the first Monday in September is a great location for a paid holiday. As they say, waste not, want not. so it is my intention now and evermore to use that day as Right to Work Day.

Right to Work Day

Without getting too technical, Right to Work is a term used to designate states that have not completely surrendered to the union leviathon. For me it is most easily defined by what it is not. In a RTW state, nobody can be forced, by virtue of the job they take, to join a union or pay union dues. There’s much more to it, but that’s the idea.

There are 22 RTW states. They are predominantly Republican states. To see the map and read all you want, take a look at National Right To Work.

So celebrate with me

By all means, you may celebrate RTW Day with me. I plan to continue my home improvement projects. For now I am painting all the upstairs rooms, and tiling both upstairs bathrooms with ceramic tile to replace the vinyl tile that was originally put in the house. Suddenly Texas finds itself with the prospect of weekend temperatures hovering around 100, in contrast to the 62 100+ days we’ve had in the second-hottest summer ever (we still have a chance to break that record, which sits at 69).

Had I known we’d get a small temperature break, I would have set myself up this weekend to do some fencing — tearing down, pulling up posts, setting new posts in concrete, and putting up new cedar. Sadly though, I’ve already gotten all the materials for indoor painting and tiling, and am underway with those projects. In 1941-1945, the United States had to fight a two-front war, the European Theater and the Pacific Theater. In my home improvement, I have a choice. No 2-front wars. This weekend it shall be the upstairs.

Still, I will probably grill on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon with friends.

So, how about you? What are you doing for Right to Work Weekend?

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