Obama Punks, Gets Punked: TommyX: Waaaahhh!!! Worst Cheaters Evah!!!!

Bully Barry shook down the 7th graders for lunch money one too many times, and finally Little Johnny Boehner put itching powder on the coins. Eventually Bully Barry went to the rest room, and well……ain’t karma a bitch?

Suddenly all of Bully Barry’s favorite bought-and-paid-for hall monitors are breaking into screeching hysterics. Foul!!!! How can you do that to poor little Barry? That’s the worst treatment ever!!!! Have you no shame? From the wailing you’d think the 7th graders randomly picked him from a crowd, gutted him like a fish and left his entrails in front of his mother’s house. Seriously, girls, do you have to absolutely get a case of the vapors over this?

The crybabies on the left are too numerous and prolific to mention, and in general too pathetic to pick on. But I stumbled across Tommy Christopher’s shrieking tantrum at Mediaite this evening, and well, it was so full of lies, off-base accusations, and desperately formulaic polemics, I just had to laugh for awhile.

Really, Tommy? Bambi tries to punk Boehner in public(for what, the third time now?) and get an elbow into the ribs of all the GOP candidates. But he gets jiu-jitsued, his own arrogance and faux-cleverness used against him. And Boehner is guilty of an unprecedented insult and should resign? My my, aren’t we in a lather over this.

Unprecedented insult?

Now there’s an all-time case of the pot calling the kettle black. Barack should know something about unprecedented insults. He’s delivered quite a few, and gotten personal with it too. Just a handful that come to mind:

  • England – hey, take your bust of Churchill and shove it.
  • Dalai Lama – um, you can leave by the servants quarter exit, next to the trash. Oh hey, look! Photographers…. now ain’t that a shame.
  • Paul Ryan – when getting outmanuevered by an adversary with 2.5x your IQ, it’s best to Alinsky him – you know, rely on his decency, fix, isolate, destroy. Paul, you can sit in the seat of honor and listen while I insult you on national TV.
  • Netanyahu – I’ll just ambush you with a world-wide announcement, just before you are heading to a summit, that I think Israel should unilaterally retreat to 1967 borders.
  • Supreme Court – Supreme Court members make a rare public appearance and attend the State of the Union address as a courtesy to the office of the President. So I think I’ll just ridicule them in front of a nationwide TV audience for their ruling in Citizens United v FEC.
  • Cambridge police officers – yeah, they “acted stupidly,” and I told the world.
  • I won – so like, this ain’t a negotiation.
  • Bush’s fault – everything, everything, everything is Bush’s fault. It’s a good thing I can throw a baseball better than he can, otherwise he might look more manly than…. um, never mind. But that is my favorite Holodeck program. Except for the one where my wife actually says “yes sir”… oh hey, will somebody turn this dang teleprompter off? I’m reading it out loud again!
  • My grandmother – that typical racist white woman.

Barack is such a coward in his bullying. Most of these people never did anything to him, and all are either too classy or too dead to hit back. He just used his position to punk them. The funny thing is, every one of them could take that Skinny Little Freak™ in a fist fight, including the Dalai Lama. I’d hate to think what Sam Alito would do to him in an alley fight. Bad, bad, bad, that would be.

So Tommy, shut up about unprecedented insults. You are embarrassing yourself.

Insulting the Office of the President?

You used that phrase or its derivative 3 times, saying that Boehner had dishonored or insulted the Office of the President, and therefore should resign.

A couple of points really, and then I am done beating on children. It’s not really that fun.

  • Joint sessions of Congress are pretty rare and reserved for things like SOTU, inaugurals, and presidential addresses of great importance: declarations of war, epic policy proposals, or major foreign policy changes. Obama’s fifth “pivot to jobs”, in which he’ll just recycle class warfare, excessive spending, failed greenyism, and big-government themes, is not such an occasion. It’s Boehner’s House. The fact that you have to ask intrinsically means he can say no.
  • “Republicans have been relentlessly braying for the President to put forward a plan to create jobs?” Oh goodness. TommyReality XOR RealReality. Republicans are on record in 2011 with 4 bills passed in the House that qualify as jobs bills. Barack and the Democrats have neither offered nor passed any bill that might help jobs be created. Which does not mean they have had no effect on jobs; they most certainly have had an effect. By bureaucracy and executive fiat, they’ve piled on burdensome regulation and control, economy-killing attacks on the energy industry, and job-killing union advocacy. No Republican has the slightest interest in petulant demands for more of the same. I predict lots and lots of laptops and tablets in the chamber tuned in to the Packers-Saints pregame.
  • If insulting or disrespecting the Office of the President of the United States is an offense that demands the resignation of the offender, then Barack Obama, a thousand times over, should resign, and take that jet-setting Wookie with him.

Tommy, I can see that your vagina hurts from seeing Obama so poorly treated. You are right about one thing. In his entire life of having earned nothing and being handed everything, I imagine getting smacked across the mouth for once is an unprecedented insult. Now as Bill Clinton might say to his rape victims, you might want to put a little something on that. Like maybe something I like to call A Little Perspective™.

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