Happy Right to Work Day!!!!

Do me a quick favor. Go to Google and search on the phrase “right to work day”, using quotes on the outside. So far, we at UnifiedPatriots own this phrase. But we don’t want to own it. Next September, it’ll be a nationwide call to end forced unionization. Just watch.

I will not, even at the point of a gun, give the first, slightest , tiniest bit of honor to unions. I mean it. They represent Communism specifically, and tyranny, brute force, graft, corruption, and organized crime generally. In fact, along with millions of others, I do and will work tirelessly to end union tyranny in this land. But I am just one little writer, and I’m not even in enemy territory. You want to join the fight, in earnest? Start with LaborUnionReport and National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. That’s where the battle to liberate the 28 states is taking place.

But here we are, on the first Monday of September, with a day off from work. Given that Free Americans, those who live in the 22 Right To Work states, are not yet able to end this federal observance, we make the most of it. We take the three-day weekend and celebrate RIGHT TO WORK DAY.

Americans who are forced to serve in unions, or just flat serve unions by virtue of living in one of the 28 Forced Union states, are indentured servants. If you are one of them, I hardly have to tell you. All citizens of those 28 states serve to produce money that goes into the coffers of unions, union pensions, and Democrat Party machines. That is the only political and economic purpose of all citizens in those states. If that sounds eerily like Communism, then I recommend you look it in the eye and call it what it is. Perhaps only to your mirror, however; no point in giving the union thugs a reason to label you as a dissident. Yet.

I am a citizen of the Free State of Texas, one of the 22. I celebrate my freedom this weekend by working on home projects – repairing a section of fence, painting 2 rooms, stripping a bathroom floor of vinyl, and prepping it for ceramic tile (which I will put down either later this week, or next weekend), installing a couple of faucets, and doing a little cleanup in the garage. I am a bit worn down, and sore in some odd places that aren’t usually sore. But I feel free.

To my free brothers and sisters in the 22 states, I salute you and celebrate with you. To my brothers and sisters in bondage in the 28 states, I pray for you, and look forward to your liberation.

Live free or die.

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