Month: October 2011

Democrats to Cain: get back on the plantation, uppity Negro

So, it begins in earnest. Herman Cain is a conservative candidate, ahead in the polls, and he’s an authentic black with an authentic life story of achievement and competence. Therefore, because he threatens their death-grip on numerous false narratives, the press must not only oppose him but destroy him. After a number of small forays, finally they have hoisted their Hypocrite, Liar, and Cheater flags high atop the mast of the USS SaveObama for all to see, and aimed their big guns at Cain.
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Democrats: envy-driven politics, power-driven governance

I don’t want to paint Republicans, or even conservatives, as 100% pure, righteous, and absent of any blame, fault or sin. I will note, and leave it at this, that the general disposition of Republicans and conservatives, when they are not practicing the politics of appeasement, is toward personal freedom for Americans and a vigorous defense of America from enemies without and within. Those Republicans who are not in it for their own personal power are typically in it, at some level, for the people they represent, and for the vision of America shared by the Framers.

Now about those other jokers.
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Perjurer and Crook: Holder Ordered the Gun Walker Operation

You know it and I know it. This whole media business about “what did Holder know and when did he know it?” is baloney. It’s the wrong question. Holder ordered it. There’s no way in the world that this multi-agency operation happened without his sign-off, and considering what is coming to light, it appears that the origins of it were right out in the open. Standing at the top of the pyramid of responsibility is Attorney General Eric Holder.

The right question might be “besides Holder, who else ordered the operation?” because there’s a good chance that Secretary Napolitano conspired in it as well. Might as well get a two-fer discount on impeachments and prison time.
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