Perjurer and Crook: Holder Ordered the Gun Walker Operation

You know it and I know it. This whole media business about “what did Holder know and when did he know it?” is baloney. It’s the wrong question. Holder ordered it. There’s no way in the world that this multi-agency operation happened without his sign-off, and considering what is coming to light, it appears that the origins of it were right out in the open. Standing at the top of the pyramid of responsibility is Attorney General Eric Holder.

The right question might be “besides Holder, who else ordered the operation?” because there’s a good chance that Secretary Napolitano conspired in it as well. Might as well get a two-fer discount on impeachments and prison time.

Holder’s answers to the Government Oversight Committee, words to the effect of “I first heard of it sometime in the last couple of months” are perjury. Holder has a long and storied history of lying to Congress and to others, and his work on behalf of billionaire Democrat tax evader Marc Rich in purchasing a last-day Clinton pardon was certainly criminal. Then there’s that whole New Black Panthers voter intimidation case that may also be his undoing.

But back to the Fast & Furious business, also known as Gun Walker. Much has been discovered and written, but VerumSerum did a nice job of putting together a timeline and some details I didn’t even know about Gun Walker. He builds a compelling case that this was a top-down operation all the way.

Since there was no interest whatsoever in actually tracking the weapons, one has to consider the possibility, the strong possibility, that a fairly good and effective tactic (controlled delivery) was actually coopted purely for the political end of attacking 2A. Bureaucrats never, and I mean NEVER, put a program in place that quickly. Paperwork, findings, discussions, environmental impact studies, etc. This was a multi-agency project involving the sale and tracking of serious weaponry, for crying out loud. In a Democrat administration, all kinds of people at all levels would throw up road blocks to undermine and delay such a plan. Witness the non-built border fence, ordered by Congress in 2006 in the Secure Fence Act, which is ensnared in a permanent bureaucratic charlie-foxtrot. This operation, by contrast, went from Obama speech to implementation in 3 months.

Such speed of implementation in governmental operations is exclusively the province of politically motivated shenanigans. This was meant to be used to create a crisis (which never goes to waste for these crooks) which would give the Democrats occasion to clamor for major curtailment of gun rights for Americans.

Holder ordered Gun Walker and perjured himself about it. It was not done recklessly. It was not a sloppy or ill-considered operation that went out of control. Agents on the ground were ordered to cease and desist when they attempted to follow the weapons. This was done with the full awareness and expectation that dozens or hundreds of people would be murdered with these weapons. It was done with such unfathomable cynicism, such disregard for decency, not to mention the rule of law that I just grasp in vain for words to quantify it, to wrap my brain around it. I have known evil, and all of America has seen extreme evil in the world wide Islamist movement. But it’s quite a thing for the United States Attorney General, ostensibly the chief defender of Justice in the greatest and most decent and just nation in the world, to be the reincarnation of Heinrich Himmler.

Holder is abominably evil. Fortunately he has committed crimes that leave enough of a footprint that justice will ultimately overtake him. I don’t care if he gets it for the NBPP case or for this one, or for something else. When Mister Gun Walker becomes Mister Perp Walker, the UP party will be at my house. Bring drinks, veggies, and deserts, I got the steaks.

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