Do you recall how got started?

Bill Clinton – it’s just about sex
After Bill Clinton denied a long-time affair with Gennifer Flowers, media+Left said “move on, she’s lying.” When the audio tapes appeared in 1992. The media+Left said “move on, the tapes are doctored.”

After Clinton denied having Paula Jones summoned up to a private room and invited her to “free willy”, the media+Left chortled when government officials claimed she was what turns up when you drag a dollar bill across a trailer park. They said “Can’t prove it, therefore she’s lying. Move on.”

After Jones filed suit, her team brought up allegations of a number of sexual escapades engaged in by Clinton, in an effort to establish a pattern of behavior. Clinton swore under oath that he had had no sexual relationship with Jane Done #6, who turned out to be Monica Lewinsky, and the media+Left said “Move on, nothing to see here.”

After Clinton denied on nationwide TV ever having had sexual relations with 22-year old intern Monica Lewinsky, the media+Left again said “Can’t prove it, therefore she’s lying. Move on.”

Move on…
After the blue dress showed up, it became clear that Clinton had lied under oath to deny Paula Jones her day in court, directly lied to all of America about diddling a 22-year old, diddled a 22-year old intern in the White House, and gotten others to cover it up. The media+Left said “It’s just sex. Move on.”

After all this, America had finally seen enough of that man making a mockery of the office of the President of the United States. Sexual misconduct in the White House, perjury, brazen and heated denials to America, and obstruction of justice, each one being reasonable grounds for impeachment under the Constitution and in accordance with the body of common law understood since the Magna Carta. The growing hue and cry became a roar, moving even the lamb-like Republican House to finally draw up articles of impeachment and impeach him,

And this is where was born. As a smarmy, self-righeous response to national outrage over the cheapening of the Oval Office, they came back with “It’s just sex! Move on! And by the way, you suck!”

…unless you are a conservative
I mention all this to point out the stunningly obvious – that the media+Left have treated the Herman Cain situation somewhat differently. No blue dress, no audio tapes, not even allegations of sex. What we have are flimsy allegations made by unidentified women, of what amounts to come-ons. Some of the allegations are laughably bereft of misconduct, even if they were true. Women “felt uncomfortable”. There is to date not a shred of credible evidence of any wrongdoing. Now they have stooped to the biggest media whore in America, handing the ball to muckraking femiNazi lawyer Gloria Allred.

Yet for the media+Left, gone is the standard of “It’s just (not even) sex, move on!” Oh my goodness no. We are treated to “It’s a rumor, let’s run with it,” and “It’s his job to prove they are lying.” For conservatives, anonymous and unsupported allegations of unwanted advances, they go after him with a vengeance, attempting a high-tech media lynching. Historicaly it has worked, so they know if they just turn up the heat high enough an long enough, Republcians will crumble.

Ah, but the news is great!
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This completely ridiculous media firestorm has revealed much to the world, and much to conservatives. And brother, what has been revealed is all good.

  • The media’s double standard in favor of the Left is so obvious, even the uninterested middle is finding it hard to avoid.
  • The media working itself in to a high-pitched frenzy with raw accusations reveal a deplorable lack of decency, decorum, and ethics. The more they scream, the less people are listening and respecting. You get this, right? The mouthpiece of the Democrat Party is hemorraging influence.
  • Herman Cain has shown magnificence, in spite of protestations to the contrary by the usual suspects. He has been unpolished and uneven in responses, but one thing is clear. He is not the least bit intimidated by the media.
  • Seeing Cain’s fearlessness, conservative voters have rallied to him. They have ignored the haughty protestations of their betters, and believed those more worthy of trust.
  • The Republican Establishment has surprised nobody. As soon as the withering attacks on Cain began, they wrote him off as unelectable, unsuitable, tainted, de-selected. As is their custom, they bow to the god of electability, and they define electability as bland, featureless, palatable to a hostile media, and lacking in core conservative values that would offend what they view as the big, mushy, inattentive middle.

Both the media and gutless Republican establishment fail to comprehend the level of Tea Party rage in America. There is a volcanic, built-up, pent-up, systemic anger that voting and working non-Washington Americans are dealing with. Time after time after time after time, voters send conservatives to Washington who immediately go native. The Democrats grow the government and shrink our freedoms at an alarming pace. Rather than oppose and stop them,the people we send join them, divide the spoils, and talk a big game when the cameras are rolling and elections are near. The epic mandate delivered in November of 2010 barely slowed them down.

People are sick and tired of capitulation to a media establishment and political institutions that are hostile to the values of most Americans. They are sick of media-approved candidates. They are not interested in appearing reasonable, or making deals with “our friends across the aisle.” The time calls for great men and women of courage, character, and vision to lead a movement back to the core values that made America great, and which can again make her great.

Rank and file conservatives and voters, after 2010, have an acute sense of their own power to change this game. They are not afraid of the media, nor are they interested in voting in presidents and congressmen who are afraid. They seek candidates that will talk it, mean it, and do it.

Herman Cain, in this moment, is showing that he is made of the right stuff. A whole lot of people now see it.

Now their turn to “move on”
The claims of sexual misconduct by Herman Cain are silly, having considerably less credibility than the charges by nursing home administrator Juanita Broderick that Bill Clinton forcibly raped her and when walking out the door, told her she should put some ice on that swollen lip where he had bitten her.

I have no expectation that the majority media will learn their lesson, or suddenly take it on themselves to report fairly and honestly. I just suggest that the sun is setting on their influence. America is being taken back by Americans with American values, despite the best efforts of the Left and the media.

So, perhaps they should just “move on”. I recommend Cuba, or perhaps Totalitarian China, where they can rejoice in the freedom of the press….

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