For Closed Primaries

For years, many conservatives have agitated for closed primaries, based on the simple principle that Republicans should choose the Republican nominee, and Democrats should choose the Democrat nominee.

And as long as conservatives have made that argument, lunkhead establishment types have made the claim that in closed primaries, might chose a true believer, a person who had no cross-over appeal. By having Democrats and independents participate in Republican primaries, we would be more likely to pick somebody who would be palatable to undecided voters.

To those who despise closed primaries, I give you Iowa, and Ron Paul.

Game. Set. Match.

The affirmative argument for closed primaries

  • Republicans should pick Republican nominees – it’s really this simple. Members of the high school football team pick the team captain. Included in those who don’t get a vote are non-athletes, and most certainly, members of the rival high school football team.
  • It’s not just red team against blue team – The Republican party actually stands for something fundamentally different than the Democrat Party. I disagree that we should pick as a nominee the person most like the other side.
  • It is possible to persuade, rather than pander – I believe that the percentage of voters who are entrenched,unpersuadable liberals is not 40% to 45%, but probably 25% to 30%. I belive that eloquently presented conservatism, coming from a credible and likable candidate, can not only persuade the undecided middle, but convert some of the liberals who have not seriously considered the baseline principles of conservatism and leftism. One generation ago, Ronald Reagan, a movement conservative, toppled the feckless Jimmy Carter, then steamrolled the next election, winning 59% of the vote and 49 states.
  • This election, more than any before it, can showcase the difference between left and right principles – Since 2007, Democrats have had their way in Congress. Since 2009, they’ve had their way in all government. Right before our eyes, we see the result of operating under the Left’s principles, and the result of unprecedented corruption and cronyism. Disastrous results for which the Left can only provide excuses and try to lay blame elsewhere.. This year, of all years, Republicans need not worry that they will offend undecideds by drawing a contrast. So, let this year be another test case like 1980, and see if the middle can be persuaded that our vision is better than that of the Left. We believe it is, or we wouldn’t be in this party now. would we?
  • There are bad people who take advantage — Open primaries allow not only unbelievers to have a voice, they invite meddling by those who mean us harm. It is a fact that most Democrats do not want Republicans to win elections. Allowing them to vote in our primaries means they can and will do their best to thwart the best interests of Republicans. In the current case, polls show that by and large, the Ron Paul voters are not Republicans and will not vote for another Republican in the highly likely event that Paul is not the nominee. Why then do we want them to participate in the Republican nomination process?

So, there it is. Let Republicans, and only Republicans, choose our nominee. Now and always. And thank you, Iowa and the PaulTards, for making my point for me.

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