Month: January 2012

Overnite Pete – Vapor Florida

I’m trying hard to imagine how……..excited [I guess?]…..the Romney constituents are feeling tonight after the wholly expected 47-32 win over Newt in the Florida primary today. For starters, I find it hard [impossible?] to see how anybody is excited about Romney. Are there seriously people who have caught the Mittens Magic, who go to bed dreaming of gumdrop rainbows and sparkly butterfly kisses, sighing to themselves “I can’t wait for President Romney to take office so he can [change the course of America] [at least repeal Obamacare] perhaps not lift up his skirts for unions and terrorists like the current White House resident…”
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Overnite Pete – Thursday GM flaming kabob edition

So, it irks me a little that I thought of this first, but didn’t put it in print. I certainly thought of it before Rush brought it up, but hey, anyway. All this talk of Mittens and his tax returns, and somehow it’s not enough. But last night Macho Bambi got his stupid on and went on and on about how Warren Buffet’s secretary paid more taxes than Warren Buffet did. I say BS. Let’s see HER taxes, and for that matter, let’s see Mister Buffet’s too. I bet Buffet pays his personal secretary well up into the low $100k range, putting her into a fairly high tax bracket herself.
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SOTU and overnite Pete – Wednesday edition

Oh good grief. I assume nobody took that SOTU seriously. Except, apparently, Lawrence O’Donnell, who wants to bear Barry’s love child. Or sire it. I’m not sure how that works out between those two. Anyway, he says it was the best speech he ever saw. Tell you what, next time I lose a pool match by scratching on the 8-ball, I want a stiff shot of whatever Larry has been drinking.

I didn’t watch or listen, just watched the twitter thing go like crazy while I was doing other stuff. And I gotta tell you, twitter was fun. Conservatives are not nice people.

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Overnite Pete, Tuesday edition

Well, let’s get the 273rd “debate” of the season discussed and dismissed. Honestly, why the candidates subject themselves to another in a long line of charades put on by the Commie media wing of the Commie party, hosted for the purpose of discrediting all things American and conservative…..oh, I remember now. We can thank the RNC and The Mad Puppy Priebus, who has his nose so far up the major partisan media’s ass it must tickle their throats. Nice, now that there’s only four candidates left, that Brian still holds them to 30 second answers.

To sum up all the memorable moments of this sound-bite contest…..

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Carville showing off his clueless [again]

James Carville, Democrat spin specialist and regular appearer on either CNN or MSLSD or both (why would I care, Tweetle Dumb and Tweetle Dumber Networks), offers some thoughts he calls Memo to the Republican Establishment.

He claims, in short, not to be very clear on who is this “Republican Establishment” that conservatives seem to dredge up as a boogey man of sorts. But that is just his introduction. His main point is to say our primary season has been a disaster, and that the result – seemingly that Gingrich has this thing in a walk — is all bad, bad, bad, and we are all stupid, stupid, stupid, and that he is happy, happy, happy.

Well, you see he’s a spin guy for the Democrats. That’s his job. What exactly would you expect him to say?
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Mitch bringing a purse to another gunfight

Yesterday, I got an email from Harry Reid’s personal prison girlfriend, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, moaning with fake outrage over Bambi’s illegal and invalid non-recess appointments, statements to the effect of this sort of thing shouldn’t be allowed. The letter asked me to sign a petition in order to send Obama a message, and to demand no more executive power grabs.

Really, Mitch? Shouldn’t be allowed? There’s no shouldn’t be allowed when the president makes 4 recess appointments when the Senate is not in recess. It’s NOT allowed. Here’s a message you could send the emperor-in-diapers: no more executive power grabs, STARTING WITH THIS ONE. There’s no next time. That’s like saying, “Hey mister, next time you rape my daughter, I’m gonna have something pretty strong to say about it.” No. There’s no discussion, no strong words, and there’s certainly no need to get all your friends to sign a petition. There’s no next time; you spill his guts and you do it today, because it’s not allowed this time. The only message you send is to his surviving family members, and to society, that some things are simply not allowed.
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NH Debate: silly moderators, focused candidates

First off, the huge losers in the debate were the left-wing ABC moderators: George Stephanopoulos, former Clinton administration senior advisor, who brought an agenda that was so persistently left-oriented and focused on inconsequential matters that the moderate audience came to routinely boo him as the night wore on; and aging warhorse Diane Sawyer, hanging on for dear life to her chair, who may have managed to top her recent stunningly effective drunk-moderating performance. One entire 20-minute stretch was focused on sex, gay “marriage” [those scare quotes again…], contraception, and abortion, and devolved into such silliness that the candidates revolted against Stephy for pursuing such ridiculous topics when the economy and foreign policy were clearly the important matters of the day.
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Saturday musings

These invalid “recess” “appointments”

Get used to it. I like “scare quotes”.

My tattooed friend notes that We have to use the rules, the libs just do whatever the *^$# they desire. And he doesn’t say that “we” means me and my tattooed friend “have to use the rules”. [There is that scare quote thing.  Ok seriously, I will try to cut back] He  means our beloved squishy gutless Republicans in Washington feel like they can’t get their hands dirty playing hardball, or even not being nicey-nicey with those dirty corn-holer Democrats in Washington, because the press will blame Repubs for everything (true enough) and the “independent voters” [sorry, did it again] will turn away from us for being contentious or whatever.

Whatever, douche bags. Well, that is the thing – at this point, to play by the rules and do the right thing means IMPEACHMENT. Read more