Overnite Pete – Vapor Florida

I’m trying hard to imagine how……..excited [I guess?]…..the Romney constituents are feeling tonight after the wholly expected 47-32 win over Newt in the Florida primary today. For starters, I find it hard [impossible?] to see how anybody is excited about Romney. Are there seriously people who have caught the Mittens Magic, who go to bed dreaming of gumdrop rainbows and sparkly butterfly kisses, sighing to themselves “I can’t wait for President Romney to take office so he can [change the course of America] [at least repeal Obamacare] perhaps not lift up his skirts for unions and terrorists like the current White House resident…”

I can only see, with my limited redneck Texas brain, that the only thing the Mittster has going for him is the “electability” mythology. Nobody is inspired by Mitt. But enough people have bought into the thought that only a moderate who makes few mistakes can stand a chance against the unbeatable Obama machine [yeah, 10% unemployment, Obamacare, bowing to terrorists, whatever…]. Republicans are conditioned, by generations of cowardice, not to leave the prison, even when the gate is wide open as it is now.

Yeah, so he just won Florida, snowbird RINO heaven. Yawn…… Signifying nothing. The South and the Midwest beckon, and we’ll see how the squishy Northeast surrender monkey mentality plays..

So anyway, all you fans of Flipper Goodhair, are you doing cartwheels tonight? Or did you just say to yourself, smugly, perhaps ho-hum-ly, “well hey, looks like sanity is taking over and we won’t be committing suicide by running any of those crazy gun-toting, Bible-thumping conservatives. I think I’ll crack open another sherry and celebrate with some cheese and crackers.”

I can tell you that when Rick Perry was running, and was an early leader, I could picture a President Perry kicking terrorist asses, jamming the commie media’s faces down toilets, and laying waste to this government leviathon with a vengeance. You can bet I was excited at what might commence Jan 20, 2013. Which reminds me, all you morons who tossed Rick in the dumpster because of early debate performances, you can still have a wheelbarrow full of KissMyAss™. I got plenty. As you ponder the remaining 3 candidates and see flaws, weaknesses, lack of resume, lack of conservative conviction, and lack of inspiration, and as you bemoan the lack of quality candidates, I hand you your sign.

It says “Punch me. I have a brain charleyhorse”.

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