Month: February 2012

Overnite Pete – pet Repubs say TP impatience unbecoming

Day after day I watch what is happening in the Magical Pixie Dust Realm of the Beltway Republican. I ask myself, how can people with college degrees be that stupid? [I know, I know…. college….] Seriously, who keeps these people from putting their underwear on outside their pants?

In episode 21,598,723 of Establishment Repubs Are Stupid, Mike Barone (brilliant number-cruncher, room temp IQ as an analyst] brings the hammer down on those pesky Tea Partiers who impatiently expected that a Tea-Party-driven nation-wide electoral butt-stomping that included a net +67 in the House would actually…… make a difference in Washington. Read more

Not My President, Part 5 of 50: Non-Recess Recess Appointments

I’ve been chronicling 50 reasons why SCOAMF is not my president. I have listed 67 reasons on a notepad at home.

Let me make a distinction. It’s fair for people to oppose political opponents, even to despise them. I know the Commie Left can thrive wholly on a diet of pure hatred, with a side of venom. It’s fair to hate your opponent’s policies, and do your best within legal means to defeat them.. But it is not fair that based on your opposition, you declare the president “not your president.”

On the other hand, if a president acts lawlessly and illegitimately, or if in word and deed he demonstrates hatred for America, or acts intentionally to do great harm to America, then it’s on like Donkey Kong. He might be somebody else’s president. He is not mine. This jackass in the White House, this TOTUS-puppet vacation-smurfing, golf-ball-shanking skinny little freak, is not my president. Here is the fifth reason of 50.
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The Congress we elected, and the Congress we got

In the last few days I have been going over some old writings. You know, about 18 months old. It brings to mind how vehemently I disagree with a commonly uttered saying that goes “the people get what they elect”, or “we deserve the government we get”, or something like that.

That is such a load of crap.

America rodeo-stomped the Democrats in November 2010. With the entire media machine, the Democrat machine, and the union machine stacked against us, we blasted them out of the saddle. Not in 72 years had America so thoroughly repudiated the party in power. The victories of Republicans, from national to state to local elections, was virtually unprecedented.
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Overnight Pete – GM, profits, paybacks

Three stories hit the airwaves today concerning Government Motors. Together they make quite a story, not that they tell us anything we didn’t already know.

Decades of union parasitism bring a once-great company to ruin. The Obamanistas step in, buy it, and give control to the same union parasites that ruined it, along with $50 billion of taxpayer money. They cancel most of their debts.So, who wouldn’t make a profit under terms like that?

Oh yeah. Solyndra.
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Overnite Pete – Convenient Jesus

Hello peeps, tonight I’m filling in. Pete and Ed are out on the town in Addison, and if there’s anybody who can strike out with hookers on 2-for-1 night, it’s Pete. Regardless, it’s Overnight EPU. What we lack in wit and insight, we more than make up for with insipid meanderings.

On one hand, Barack the Evil is in a low-grade war to stomp out Christianity. Read more