Happy Second Birthday to Obamacare!!!!!

What? You had not heard? No mention by the Commie Media? No statement or celebration from the White House? Nobody from the DNC? Any Democrat in Congress?

Now isn’t that strange…… I mean, this was the signature accomplishment of the Obama Administration — well, until he decides to blame somebody else for it. The Left has been after this for half a century. This was the culmination of more than a year of cheating; stealing; hiding; having the Center for American Progress write the bill in secret; holding locked-door, Democrats-only sessions; bribing; race-baiting; blackmailing; lying; blaming. I’m certain high-earning Americans (aka, “the rich”) got blamed for something or other, although I don’t have a specific recollection of it. It’s hard to imagine the Democrats pushing a major bill without blaming the rich for something. These activities are the most fun a Democrat ever has, other than directly spending your money, or dictating to you when and where you may practice your religion.

At the time it passed, the Commie Media burst forth with such fanfare and worship as was never seen even by Douglas MacArthur (or King Arthur, for that matter). Every Democrat who could find an open mic was predicting a future awash in fuzzy puppies, pink butterfly rainbows, sparkly hearts, glittery guppies, pink ponies, and fairy dust. Did I forget to mention unicorns? Lots of unicorns. Whole herds of unicorns. Poverty (and those evil racist Republicans) had been vanquished. Obama could go home and spend (more) quality time with his Nobel Peace Prize. Dodd, Franks, and Conrad could go back to the serious business of pillaging the treasures of Fannie, Freddie, and Countrywide.

So, um, why no big events? No for-the-Democrat-rich-only soirees at the White House with private screenings of pre-release movies? No celebrity concerts? No photo op with the Wookie, while she snaps an evil Twinkie out of the hand of a grubby little fly-over-country bitter-clinger child? [you know that off-camera, she is shooting that Twinkie down with a three-fingers-tall whole milk chaser]

Well OK, after taking a very close look I see that Stretch Pelosi gave a go today at defending ObamaCare in an Op-Ed in the SF Crock Chronicle. Politico gave ObamaCare a passing mention, and Daily Kook Kos ran with it front and center, as did the crazies at TPM. It’s good to know, I guess, that the fanatics still keep the fire burning for the cause of Totalitarianism. After all, Commies all across America still fly their colors high on May Day and Labor Day ( the September version of May Day). So hey guys, keep sniffing whatever you are sniffing. We need you around to remind us of the worst possibilities of letting the Left have their way.

But really. Not even Krazy Krugman, the delusional economist to end all delusional economists, would touch ObamaCare today; instead, he was busy calling Republicans crazy for intoning that Obama’s policies had anything to do with high gas prices. While still crazy, it was about as far from mentioning ObamaCare as he could get.

So, since the Democrats won’t mention it, and the Democrat Commie media won’t mention it, I will:

Congratulations, Commies!!!

Congratulations on increasing the cost and regulatory burdens of health care for everybody in America. Congratulations on an economy-killing nightmare of a Big Brother society. Congratulations on stealing $500 billion in Medicare from America’s seniors (and then running ads about how Republicans were throwing granny off a cliff).

Especially congratulations are due for the supreme electoral butt-kicking you got in November 2010, thanks in large part to the passage of ObamaCare. You really, truly earned that one. Congratulations on getting more than half the states to defy you and file lawsuits to have ObamaCare tossed out. And more congratulations for what is going to happen to you in November 2012. More importantly for what is going to happen in January 2013 because of what happens in November 2012.

One thing you can count on. The day the new Republican president signs the full repeal of Obamacare, THAT is a day I will celebrate every year. While you Commies DIAF, I’ll roast marshmallows over that fire. And I’ll eat them, and lick my fingers, one at a time. Would a Klingon do less?

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