Month: April 2012

Rove opens his mouth, removes all doubt

Karl Rove’s mouth is operating while impaired. But when was that not so, exactly? He says we are DOOMED in November, and that even Texas is no better than a leaner.

Karl Rove is called The Architect by Hannity and all the GOP pundits and Beltway ruling class for reasons that elude me. Oh yeah, I remember. Because they are as stupid as he is.

The camp that includes Boehner and House leadership, McConnell and Senate leadership, the FNC brain trust, RNC leadership, Krauthammer, Coulter, Morris, Luntz, and Country Club Republicans all across the fruited plains, they all have one view of America. They don’t believe, down in their hearts, that conservatism can win elections, and they are deathly, deathly afraid of the national media. They believe the Tea Party movement actually cost us 3 Senate seats in 2010. They believe that if elected conservatives take a stand instead of settling for “the best deal we could get,” then we will get killed in the media and actually lose the majority in the House (as if they actually DID anything with their current majority). And they think Rove is a strategic genius.

This view is substantially at odds with that of huge masses of Americans who in 2010 sent an indelible message by trouncing the Democrats and tossing out no small number of Vichy Republicans. That message didn’t say “get the best deal you can,” and that message shouted far louder than the voices of the media.
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