Month: June 2012

There was only one thing “botched” about Fast-and-Furious

Virtually every time the TreasonMedia™ bring up Captain Moron’s criminal operation called Fast & Furious, they speak of it as a “botched” operation. That suggests that they meant well, but either the planning or the execution of the operation was flawed. You see, they meant to sell guns to Mexican drug lords, and they would track the guns back to the bandit hideouts and …. uh, do something [I suppose either raid them in Mexican territory and issue them voter cards, or take away their forks and knives].

Documents in the hands of House Government Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa tell quite a different story, as do recent and not-so-recent public statements by Holder himself. In an administration that has exceeded our wildest imaginations in terms of arrogance and outright lawlessness, this one may win the prize.
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Got a question for His Royal Highness? What are you, a racist?

Last Friday, normally a dry news day, provided comedy aplenty. While expounding on why he decided to enact amnesty for many illegal aliens by fiat and against the specific will of America as expressed by Congress, aka “elected representatives”, His Royal Highness was interrupted by a question from a lowly reporter from the Daily Caller. Hilarity ensued, that day and all weekend.

This episode and its aftermath make a great instructive tool, so let’s see what we can gain from a little study. I’ve helpfully broken down the lessons learned into two categories: lessons for dummies, and lessons for Americans.

Heckler! Racist!
This reporter was widely reported to have “shouted” and to have “heckled the President”. See for yourself. It’s hard to hear what the reporter asked him, because I guess some people are better shouters and hecklers than others. The questions were “Why did you favor foreigners over Americans?” and “Are you going to take questions?”
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The greatest man I ever knew

My father’s father
All the years my father’s father lived, I thought, correctly, that he was the best man I had ever known and would ever know. His whole bio would be very compelling, but I’ll just hit a couple of highlights. He was a humble, praying man, but he carried an air about him that was indomitable, unmovable, undefeatable. He was ox-strong, working as a roughneck his entire adult life. He was dedicated, above and beyond, to the care and good of his lifelong wife. I only knew the second-hand accounts of his younger adulthood; apparently he was a stern disciplinarian and brooked no foolishness. There were probably times when his boys didn’t see his heart in such matters until much later. I do know that it was always there, but Papa was cut from the mold of Texas men: stoic, strong, sober, courageous, honorable; not so terribly expressive.
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Silly Holder says constitutional crisis looming

Most of us have been aware of that for quite some time, Captain Moron.

Monday, under questioning by Chuck Grassley in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder described his predicament with Darrell Issa’s House Government Oversight Committee on Fast & Furious (short version: Issa has the goods on him, and Holder will be going to federal prison) as a “constitutional crisis”. He used the term 3 times.

I can see where a high ranking government official might resort to high-toned rhetoric in proclaiming his innocence when he is caught ordering a criminal enterprise run out of his office, then lying about it under oath repeatedly and going to great lengths to cover up his involvement. People like to think of themselves as in the right, and on the side of good against evil. I would think this especially true for the highest ranking law enforcement official in America.

But still, it’s funny to watch. Seriously, Eric? Constitutional crisis?
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After you have withstood the siege of the the Visigoths

I just wanted to line up behind Vassar’s message saying about the Democrats, roughly paraphrased, when a punk is down, kick him. What happened in Wisconsin this week was the watershed moment for the conservative revival in America. From here on, the earth is tilted to our advantage, and we will be fighting from the higher position. We dang well better do what has to be done.

Now the fun and games are over. I mean that. What’s been done to this country the last 4 years isn’t a bit funny, nor have been two generations worth of the march to an over-arching state, the very opposite of what the Founding Fathers built and 10 generations of Patriots fought and died for.

November 2010, America voted to break the seige. We sent 90-odd new soldiers to the wall, some of them replacing soldiers who demonstrated no stomach for the fight. While the new soldiers have been a bitter disappointment, there is no question that we broke the siege, and saved the Republic for at least 2 years. We will send another 50 in November 2012 (a net +20), probably replacing some of those who campaigned one way, then governed another. In addition, we will send in a new field general. And then it’s time to open the city gates and take the war to them.
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