Month: August 2012

Conservatives know how to vote multiple times too

We know that Democrats know how to vote multiple times. Lordy Lordy, do we ever know it:

  • dead Democrats vote for decades after they’re dead
  • they register as Disney characters, movie characters, and Dallas Cowboys players
  • they fill in absentee ballots that go to dogs, dead people, empty lots, drop boxes, and to fictional people
  • they register and vote in multiple districts, cities, and states
  • they drive around in vans on election day, traveling from polling place to polling place where they “occupy” names of people who are dead or fictional
  • they fill out entire boxes of ballots that are fed into the voting machines after the polling places are closed and they have some sense of how many votes are needed
  • they register and vote on same-day voting in more than one district
  • they proxy-vote for senior citizens in nursing homes
  • I’m pretty sure there are another dozen methods that good, honest conservatives never even thought about

The Republican Party is often called the Stupid Party, and that is true. However, this is another area in which party leadership differs greatly from party constituency. For you see, conservatives are not stupid. Far from it, in fact. In the past, we’ve been naive in assuming Democrats loved the country like we did, respected law, fair play, and decency like we did, and wanted freedom like we did. The last few years have disabused us of such notions.

Conservatives are smart. We may have started late in engaging this dirty game of politics. We may not be well organized. But look how fast the Tea Party arose and in the span of 15 months demolished the Democrat stranglehold on Congress in the biggest electoral turnaround in American history. We have a frighteningly steep learning curve.

Now we’ve learned how to vote multiple times.
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Not My President, part 6 of 50: murdering live-born babies

It occurs to me that I had better hurry up with this series; this guy is not going to be the official “president” much longer, and at that point, people aren’t going to be interested in reading reasons 11-50 of why some loser non-president should not be our president.

A quick recap of the NMP rules (the series can be found at PetesWorld, a compendium of contributions by EPU and the anonymous Pete) ): The Bush-haters declared George W Bush NMP purely over political and ideological hatred (i.e., the crime of being a Republican), and over wet fantasies related to the fact that Gore was unable to successfully steal the 2000 election from him.

I hold the office of President to be infinitely more precious than that. I would only declare a person sitting in the office “not my president” only over him being manifestly unworthy of the office; specifically, over deliberate and systematic abuse of power, over corruption, over inflicting deliberate harm on sectors of the country, over hatred of the principles of justice and freedoms upon which this Republic was built, and over moral fiber so craven, so bereft of goodness as to be vile. Such a one is not only not my president, his name does not even merit capitalization.

Reason #6 relates to that matter of moral fiber. barack obama, in three consecutive sessions as a state senator in Illinois, ardently opposed a bill to protect the lives of live-born babies who survived abortion attempts. In the third session, in 2003, as chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, he voted in favor of “neutrality clause” language that made the bill virtually identical to the federal bill, then led committee Democrats in voting down the bill in a 6-4 vote. This was a version of the bill that even NARAL dared not oppose. Yet barack did, actively and forcefully.
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Joe Biden: dumber than a bag of hammers

Now that Paul Ryan is the VP pick (a thousand reasons why that is a good pick) the Leftist Media, along with the official Obama campaign, the unions, Hollywood, and the PACs will be going after him like crazy. While I am reasonably sure he doesn’t have a pregnant 17-year old daughter, I’m sure the Left will find something, true, misconstrued, or just completely fabricated, that will warrant going to full war mode against him in order to hurt conservative America’s electoral chances.

So be it. If you are whining about how unfair and uphill this battle is, this business of rescuing America’s future from the evil regime that is in place, then I respectfully ask you to shut up, buck up, and grow a pair, or failing that, just get out of the way. The rest of us are going to do the heavy lifting, and have fun doing it.
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