I knew it: Macho Bambi can’t play basketball either

Some headlines make you just laugh out loud, like this suffocating puff piece on the CNN Politics website titled “Reggie Love: Obama leads like he plays”. I bet he sure does. Unintentional humor is sometimes the best kind.

What seems like a lifetime ago during the 2008 election run, I named him Macho Bambi and posted a number of pieces over at the Cemetery hoping that clever tag would catch on. Alas, no….

All politics and ideologies aside, everybody knows who is really a tough guy and who just talks it up trying to be tough. Hollywood used to have a pretty good nose for putting tough dudes in tough roles, but nowadays they miss more than they hit. John Wayne – tough. LBJ – tough. Robert DeNiro – tough. Allen West – tough. Rahm Emanuel – tough. Can’t run a city, but I wouldn’t really look forward to going behind the school for a personal tete-a-tete with him either.

Harry Reid – not tough. Ben Affleck – not tough. Jon Stewart – not tough. John Kerry – not tough. And barack obama……… oh, don’t make me laugh again.

Oh, he loves to talk it up, loves to swagger, but it’s really just a shell. Everybody who was ever street, or who ever had to earn anything the hard way knows. He’s never actually earned anything, any status. He’s been handed everything on a silver platter, and it shows. Thus the name, Macho Bambi. Like most punks who can’t back it up on the street, there’s a level, deep down inside, where he knows it. I think that’s why he and his enablers work so hard to make him look tough. Remember “gutsy call”; also note how bitterly he hates Paul Ryan, who bested him at the Econ Summit and who would easily take him down on the mat as well.

Also remember this…..

So… about that basketball. Yeah. I bet he plays basketball just like he leads the country. No results; can’t defend; whines over every non-call when he gets roughed up in the lane; can’t shoot; takes credit for the hard work of others; can’t be taught anything; and blames somebody else for everything he can’t do.

Got it.

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