Month: June 2020

On Judge Sullivan’s Response – Nice Try


Today Judge Sullivan’s attorney replied to the DC Court of Appeals order that the Judge respond to defense counsel’s petition for writ of mandamus.

Attorney Beth Wilkinson is worth every penny. Her job was to defend the District Court’s indefensible behavior in trying to branch the Flynn case clown show into a full blown Cirque du Soleil. She gave it a heck of a shot.

It is still no sale. Like any legal brief arguing one side, it was Wilkinson’s job not to present a balanced discussion, but to convince the Court that her side is right.

So she harped on a couple of points (repeatedly, kind of that “pound the table” legal proverb). That Flynn repeatedly “admitted” he lied (“admitted”, considering what has been uncovered, requires a little chutzpah); that the government’s motion to dismiss was signed only by a political appointee and not by career “line attorneys” in the DOJ; claiming (quite on thin ice) that the government’s arguments for why reversing their course were thinly sourced (OMG); that the government withdrawing after a guilty plea was pretty unusual (but not rare and certainly not unheard of).

There was more but I took a fast read, and I don’t want to over-detail this.

All of her arguments, every single one, are countered by (1) the government motion’s offered proof, and I am saying proof, of no predicate, which means no investigation, which means no “material matter”, which means no crime of lying to the FBI in a material matter. (also, he didn’t lie) and (2) the unbreakable tenet that it is entirely, 100%, within the discretion of the government, and not the District Court, as to whether or not to prosecute an innocent man for perjury who claimed under oath to be guilty because he was being extorted by the prosecution into saying that.

And I am just totally leaving out the egregious government misconduct from begining to almost end.

Emmet, you are going to lose, but at least you were not so stupid as to try to write this brief yourself.

Staged Stacks of Bricks

Pantifa’s level of deniability?  0

Evidence that Pantifa has been planning, staging, and waiting for a convenient episode to light the fuse  (thanks stupid racist rat bastard cop) ? 100

Evidence that Pantifa is indeed a terrorist organization? 100

We will see how clever they are. Maybe they will surprise me but in my experience the jackals have a certain impressive kind of savvy, but are not deep thinkers.

Those piles of bricks came from somewhere. They went to multiple downtown areas and other hot zones, at least 20 I bet, in trucks with the ability to drop a pallet-level quantity of bricks.

Subtlety factor: 0

America is now Land of the Watched, and Home of the Surveillance Camera. The feds will absolutely be able to get license plates (if the Panty Patrol did not mask them) and be able to track movements of these trucks for large parts of the path they were on, maybe for the complete journeys. They are likely to have gotten face shots if they did not stay masked.  There were many trucks, many cities. And I don’t know, and please don’t tell me because right now I can sleep at night, mostly, what kind of crazy black magic goes on with tracking phones by GPS, but I have to suspect that with some camera hits and time stamps they can detect what phones were turned on in these trucks.

It is a numbers game, and all the feds need is to score a hit on one or two, and they can use those to roll up entire cells, draw a thread to the national organization, and #SeeYa. I know they are just now “officially” designating Pantifa a domestic terrorism gang. Don’t doubt for a second that the major figures are any mystery at all to the FBI, and that many, many phones have been surveiled for years.

I do not have little Trump dolls (would not mind Melania dolls — and let’s just let that drop right there) . But right now this is the guy we need. He is like the linebacker:  see quarterback, kill quarterback. Who was that, Brian Bosworth?  Trump is the guy to say hey you wanted this party, let’s do it. I got the FBI, I got wiretaps, I got cameras, I got judges, I got prisons. What do you got? Pretty pink lingerie and bricks? Guys who get their asses kicked by rednecks every time it is 1-on-1? (one of my favorite videos ever) Let’s go.

This cannot be allowed, cannot be uncontested. Without getting overly philosophical (ice cream headaches, right?) we can’t afford to even get close to a situation where society starts to unravel. Chaos, lawlessness, that leads to no possible good.  Even for Pantifa. This world that they want, they could not survive in. Kind of makes me happy to think about at one level, but I don’t want to lose America, lose Western Civilization, just so I can say #ToldYaBitch to a bunch of idiots.