Post-SuperTuesday: why did the Establishment wait so long to back Biden?

What a difference a week makes!

A week to remember

A week ago, the Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada preseason contests had played out. Bernie was shining and gaining momentum, seeing mainstream numbers that gave the lie to the notion that his following was passionate and deep, but not wide. First-tier stars were emerging like Mayor Pete, Liz Warren, and Klobuchar.

Meanwhile, the Default Guy had led the polls, from the beginning of the campaign and throughout the long, long debate season. But the air of place-holder was always about him: he was weak in the debates; the big money and big names had never really backed him; and perhaps worst, he had never received the endorsement of Obama, after having served him enthusiastically and worshipped his slavishly for 8 years. He had been favored to win South Carolina, since the heavily black and moderate constituency favored him much more than the first three states. But at this point what had been his firewall might be his Waterloo. It was thought that anything less than a decisive win would doom him.

He dominated South Carolina, smashing Bernie 49-18. Then in quick succession, promising (relative) moderates ButtigiEg and Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed Biden, giving him the moderate lane all to himself. Super Tuesday was a great day in which Biden, momentum, and delagates all found themselves in the same dimension. In the wake of that win, Bloomberg dropped out as well, pledging his support and his billions to Biden.

What happened?

Biden was never a strong candidate

For more than a year, Biden had been the front runner in all the polls. He was considered the leader of the moderate lane, with Sanders and Warren leading the socialist lane. But about Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg it could be said that they had strong debates and devoted followings. Biden merely had default voting base, inspiring nobody.

The Establishment was hoping that somebody from 10-ish moderates in the 20-person field would rise to the top and make a run at Biden. Although others flashed at some point, only Klobuchar and Mayor Pete drew discernable support.

ABB – Anybody but Bernie (or Liz)

The Establishment has always bitterly opposed Bernie Sanders as a candidate – not because his beilefs or intentions are a radical departure from the mainstream Democrat platform, but because he so shamelessly states such beliefs and intentions, and they have calculated that the American public will not stomach undisguised socialism. The resulting electoral enstompenation would also cause downstream carnage, costing the Party the House, a worse Senate minority, and quite likely similar setbacks across the country at the state level.

Trump most likely cannot be beat, but they have to make a fight of it and keep the House. They feel their best shot is with a solidly mainstream Democrat.

Two so-called moderates survived the earlly contests and were set to face Super Tuesday. But Klobuchar was uninspiring and had probably peaked. Buttigieg was an interesting case: magnetic, refreshingly young and energetic in a remaining field full of post-70 faces, He inspired a dedicated following, and actually won Iowa. But his negatives were not small things: super-thin resume as a mayor of a small city, and arguably not distinguished in that endeavor; flamboyantly gay played great in most of Democrat-land, but was a huge negative in the crucial black bloc; and his frequent attacks of mainstream Christians was a turn-off to what remains of the blue-collar and union whites. He was perceived to have a ceiling as well.

The clock ran out

After the three warm-up contests behind them, and South Carolina popping 3 days before Super Tuesday, the Establishment was out of time. With Bernie showing so strong, it was not permissible on that day for the moderate lane to split its votes among three candidates (4 if you count Bloomberg), while Bernie was allowed to gain momentum.

Biden was not ideal; his appeal was broad but not deep, and he was showing signs of mental issues. Buttigieg and Klobuchar had potential but both were risky. South Carolina would be Biden’s final chance to prove he could turn potential into an actual win. If he lost, or won unconvincingly there, then with three days to Super Tuesday, the Establishment would have had to make a hard choice and back one of the three.

Fortunately for them, Biden made it easy by dominating South Carolina.

Finally, Establishment support

(or) only one girl left to ask to the prom

So in spite of Mayor Pete being clearly viable, the southern and midwestern states ripe for Klobuchar to make a strong move, and both of them financially and organizationally viable, they both bowed out and threw their support to Biden. The Establishment made their choice, and Biden will have their full support. Not because of him, but because Bernie cannot be allowed to win.

Winning the News Cycle – Tactics as Strategy

Always win the news cycle. Make false accusations against Republicans. Make sure there is unending noise. Meanwhile, before the facts are known, move right on to the next crisis, the next false accusation, the next fake outrage. The media will back your play 100%.

As time goes on, facts rise to the surface if you know where to look, the lies are demonstrated, possibly proven. But it does not matter. The media will not cover that. They’re busy covering 10 or 15 lies down the road by the Democrats. Activists and aware politicians see, uncover, and broadcast to the extent possible. The conservative press brilliantly exposes the truth, keeps the corps educated and armed with facts and tactics.

Meanwhile, if Democrats never stop winning the news cycle, week after week, year after year, the tactic becomes a strategy. The voting public, low-information voters, they only hear the news cycle. It is a daily tactic that one would think eventually fails. Well, I’ve been watching for over 20 years. What I know is that all of the following (and the list could go on virtually forever) are thoroughly debunked (in a couple of cases, demonstrated to be so implausible as to be highly unlikely, I’ll note). And thoroughly believed by so many Democrats we can never trully erase them from memory:

  • Bush stole Florida in 2000 and therefore was never a legitimate president.
  • Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.
  • The “dossier” is true.
  • For two years, Representative Adam Schiff was telling the truth while claiming to have seen “clear evidence”, “in plain sight” of Trump colluding with Russia.
  • Mueller’s investigation proved both the fact that Trump colluded with Russia and substantially obstructed justice during the Mueller investigation.
  • Now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted what’s-her-name and attempted to rape her. Also he commited other brazen acts in high school college including facilitating gang-rapes and swinging his wank in front of another unwilling sorority girl.(all of these wildly implausible given the evidence)
  • Trump brutally put the squeeze on Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for political purposes.
  • The Covington boys were nasty little racist punks who surrounded and intimidated a noble Indian warrior.

You see how it plays out? The low-information voters don’t bother seeing the truth play out in the long run. And thanks to the media, they are never confronted with it.

It’s been a winning strategy probably since Walter Duranty lied about Stalin murdering 12 million Ukrainians by starvation, and collected a Pulitzer Prize for doing it.

State of the Bone

We’re back……….

It’s been just about 8 years. So much has transpired in both American political scene, and in the lives of the Patriot Bone family. I’m not going to recap all that here. I’d rather get right back to covering the scene, and maybe a time or two reflect on the events in the 8 year gap.

I will mention a couple of relevant things though, related to the site and me.

First, in case you wonder what you are up against, here it is. I am an Edmund Burke – James Madison – Russell Kirk conservative. I accept as fellow travelers the 3-legged stool crowd

Second, the only personal news from the 8 year gap that you are likely to see here: contributor and dear friend Pete departed us for heaven on August 18, 2018. He was 83, and while his hearing had been fading for years, he was looking pretty good right up until April of that year. I seriously thought he was going to make 90 easy and maybe challenge for 100. But for whatever reason, he faded fast. Not a bad way to go: 83 strong, then check out quickly. I remember telling my friend Martin that at some point it was looking like months, not years. The day came when I told Martin it was now looking like days, not months. And the day came, and I spent the day with him on his last day.

I look forward to seeing him again, same as I do Moses Sands, Richard Lucy, and Bob Chiore. Let’s not dwell on it.

Third, as far as PatriotBone goes, I have one other contributor now, Stella, and she is one phenomenal person, and I hope you will enjoy her. Total mind of her own, and I’m not going to demand that she toe the Burke/Kirk line. She’s not a formulaic conservative, but she is conservative, and like I said, she will contribute to the flavor of Patriot Bone in a way I think you’ll like. I hope to entice a couple of other friends, who are not blogging veterans, to chip in. I’ll not name names here, because like all of us, what we do as outspoken conservatives comes with a cost and a load of caution. As EPU it is not impossible to suss out who I am in the RW, but I’ll not help make it easy. I will recommend that my two friends in question use nom de plumes, just because leftists get personal.

Anyway……. I’m back. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Overnite Pete: Texas = stupid magnet

EPU – filling in for Big Kitty…

Just great. We have the best state anywhere. Texas would, if it were in this world alone, be a top-ten economy and top-five military power. Business-friendly, mild winters, cattle, oil, farmland, and most importantly, a personality — friendly, but can whip your ass no matter what weapon you are holding, outshoot you, out-spit you, and everything we have or do is bigger than what your state has or does.

The flip side: all these outside people make a toilet bowl of their own state (NY, NJ, MI, CA, CO) with liberal-commie policies. Then they move to the Greatest State Ever, and start spoiling it by voting Democrat. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And one thing I hate is people that make their problems my problem.

On other fronts, the Boehner fold is as inevitable as the sun rising in the East. House Repubs will manage somehow to both sell out, and get blamed for the economy tanking because of the Democrat insistence on raising taxes on employers (in what universe is that not perfectly obvious). Samo, samo.

Michigan Repubs, like Wisconsin Repubs, are what we call MANLY MEN. The contrast between them and Boehner’s House Hussies is night and day. So when you scoff about secession talk, you should perhaps think that over just a bit more.

On MI anti-RTW union mobs, and thoroughly evil Democrats

The left-side activities going on this week by union thugs, by Democrat legislators, by the left-dominated news media, and of course by your president, not mine, the HCSIC, would be breath-taking in their scale of hate, of lawlessness, of intimidation, of pure anti-American spirit — except that actual Americans have come to expect this of them routinely.

Nothing new.

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Anybody here too tired to fight 5 more days?

In some degree, we’ve been counting the days to this November the 6th for 4 years. Or perhaps for 24 years. Or perhaps since ObamaCare was passed, or since Porkulus was passed, or since the November 2010 thrashing we gave to the Visigoths. Maybe since Chief Justice Benedict Roberts stole a big one for the Bolshevik team.

Any way you count it, this Tuesday has been circled on the calendar for quite some time. It is the day that the forces of the Constitution are arrayed from one side of the valley to the other, against the forces of Statism. The valley is filled from wall to wall, and there is nobody on the battlefield who has not trained and worked tireless days, weeks, and months, all pointed to this day.

Every helmet and breastplate has been cleaned and polished to a shine, every dent hammered out. Every strap is on tight. Every weapon has been checked and rechecked, every blade honed down to a fine edge.

This is the day we have lived for.

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Gutless Call: Far Worse Than We Thought

The stories, both official and unofficial, from sources inside and outside the administration, continue to evolve. The facts, even as we know them today, are incomplete and contradictory. But wind the clock back, if you will, to the first several days after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate that resulted in the murders of 4 American citizens, including Ambassador Stevens. From the very beginning there was the stench of incompetence at the top, of being lied to, and worst of all, of a creepy sense that there was no real concern for the lives lost, no righteous anger, and no sense of retribution.

In the immediate aftermath we heard the administration line that it was a spontaneous mob gone wild, and we knew instinctively that was too pat, and contradicted facts which were already becoming known. The whereabouts of the ambassador were unknown for several hours, and the battle was known to have gone on for hours at at least two sites. We watched Obama’s pitifully inadequate statement just before he jaunted off to Vegas for scheduled campaign activities.

We saw several embassies attacked in the following days, and the black Al Qaeda flag raised over at least two portions of sovereign American soil, while no saber-rattling proceeded from an administration that seemed bent on excusing the terrorists. We saw our UN Ambassador and our President peddle known lies to the UN, blaming an obscure video for inciting the Muslim mobs. We got word of a multi-million dollar ad that supposedly ran in Pakistan in which both the President and Secretary of state denounced the video.

Americans were bitterly angry at such cowtowing, lying, and blame-shifting. Obama’s poll numbers in the upcoming election immediately began to crumble.

Boy, weren’t those the good old days for the Obamanistas. It’s a ton worse now.

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The Next Freshman Class – With Your Shield, Or On It

The incoming bunch of House and Senate freshmen better have a whole new way of thinking. It’s not that the much-heralded Class of the 2010 Mandate didn’t do enough. It’s that they didn’t do anything.

Mandate for change
Never in the history of this Republic has a mid-term election brought such a smack-down to the ruling party as that in 2010. The 63-person swing in the House and 7-person swing in the Senate was both retribution (for Porkulus, for ObamaCare, for not even addressing the economy, for the Gulf drilling moratorium, and for the attempts on card check and Cap-and-Trade energy tax) and mandate (stop the spending, stop the regulatory bloom, stop the debt spike, and generally hold the line until we could get a new president and a two-house majority in 2012 and repeal BambiCare). From top to bottom, from governor down to dog catcher, Americans rejected the Democrat agenda in toto. Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. Republicans had firm control of the House at 242-193, and near-parity in the Senate, 47-53.

Same old Vichy Republicans
What we got for our trouble came a little short of what we call “representation.”

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Not my president, 11 of 50: 104 golf rounds, 1700 casualties

The office requires that the president play many roles, wear many hats. He must be accessible to the public and to members of Congress; he must conduct affairs with foreign governments and foreign dignitaries; he may need to make public appearances and keep up certain traditions.

Wartime, or any time when American soldiers are in battle and experiencing many casualties, constrains a president’s behavior somewhat. His commander-in-chief role becomes more prominent. Some of the light-hearted presidential perquisites must be put aside. This is not difficult to understand.

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Not my president, 10 of 50: Muslim nation, not a Christian nation

Back in 2009, Obama made a couple of statements in a couple of venues that caused quite a stir. Democrats and media did their usual thing and spun it to their best advantage. But what Obama said was “we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation” in the first statement, and “if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”.

Spin that all you want to, but that’s what he said. That’s what the context shows too.

The statements in more context…

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