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House Freshmen Torpedo Silly Budget Deal, Dems Cry

Credit where credit is due. I have been a very vocal critic of the Freshman Class of 2010, but this time they have gone and done something good. So, my hat is off.

The Senate deal was so manifestly silly and irresponsible — seriously, a 2-month-only change in the tax code, to go into effect 12 days from today, but it is supposed to save the nation — that conservatives and Freshmen just could not stomach it. It’s a little late to be finding a backbone, but hey, I’ll take it.
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Media study flavor of the week, missing Perry comeback

There is a pretty interesting dynamic happening as the Republican primary preseason draws to a close, and the Iowa caucus is now less than three weeks away. All summer and fall the media and the right-side pundits have acted as if there were only two candidates in the race: perennial bridesmaid Flipper Goodhair (Romney), and the latest conservative in first place. In order, they’ve been Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and now Gingrich.

This month’s version of pundit wisdom is that it’s a two-man race between Romney and Gingrich. Gingrich, for the first time under the bright light of scrutiny, has been wilting. Finally the GOP Establishment thinks they have their wish in that Romney has finally run out of those pesky “unelectable” conservative rivals.
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This is what you do to the Visigoths: Issa punches Holder in the face

He didn’t literally punch him in the face. But House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa thoroughly dressed Holder down, badgered him, shouted him down, interrupted him several times, called him out, and called him a crook, right there in an open committee hearing. (Rep. Issa’s questions begin at the 3:30 mark.)
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So, has Fallon’s house band been fired yet?

NBC, under pressure, has offered up a limp excuse for an apology from a junior executive, and has further claimed that the band has been “severely reprimanded”. OK, unless “severely reprimanded” is code for “fired”, then it’s not enough. It won’t be right until they are canned, and cut off from ever working for NBC or NBC affiliates again. In a fresher society, I would further expect that these morons would never be accepted in polite company again.
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Proposal on Primaries

This is near novel-length, so get settled into a comfortable spot with a cup of coffee. Girls, get yourself into a snuggie if you need to. Guys, if you get yourself into a snuggie, don’t ever tell me you did. ManCard™ forfeiture, pal. Sorry about the length. I just can’t cover this any more briefly.

The original proposal, 1.0 was In 2012: no more open primaries, a proposal, dated Jan 21, 2008, as that slow-motion horror movie unfolded to give us John McCain, the worst nominee since Alf Landon in 1936. This proposal was inspired by Jed Babbin’s column at Human Events Whose Primaries Are They, published that same morning. It was also inspired by the post-South Carolina departure from the race of Fred Thompson, the only movement Conservative in the first tier.
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When Democrats apologize

This week provided us something interesting and rare: two apologies by Democrats. That being such a rare sight, let’s see if we can learn anything new about Democrats.

David Gregory and Grand Wizards
Gregory is a familiar face at NBC and MSNBC. He was the NBC White House correspondent during the Bush years, known for asking 17-part questions spun into a left-wing fabric requiring the responder to answer either “yes, I am still beating my wife”, or “no, I am no longer beating my wife”. He now hosts Meet the Press.
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Do you recall how got started?

Bill Clinton – it’s just about sex
After Bill Clinton denied a long-time affair with Gennifer Flowers, media+Left said “move on, she’s lying.” When the audio tapes appeared in 1992. The media+Left said “move on, the tapes are doctored.”

After Clinton denied having Paula Jones summoned up to a private room and invited her to “free willy”, the media+Left chortled when government officials claimed she was what turns up when you drag a dollar bill across a trailer park. They said “Can’t prove it, therefore she’s lying. Move on.”
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Democrats to Cain: get back on the plantation, uppity Negro

So, it begins in earnest. Herman Cain is a conservative candidate, ahead in the polls, and he’s an authentic black with an authentic life story of achievement and competence. Therefore, because he threatens their death-grip on numerous false narratives, the press must not only oppose him but destroy him. After a number of small forays, finally they have hoisted their Hypocrite, Liar, and Cheater flags high atop the mast of the USS SaveObama for all to see, and aimed their big guns at Cain.
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