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Democrats: envy-driven politics, power-driven governance

I don’t want to paint Republicans, or even conservatives, as 100% pure, righteous, and absent of any blame, fault or sin. I will note, and leave it at this, that the general disposition of Republicans and conservatives, when they are not practicing the politics of appeasement, is toward personal freedom for Americans and a vigorous defense of America from enemies without and within. Those Republicans who are not in it for their own personal power are typically in it, at some level, for the people they represent, and for the vision of America shared by the Framers.

Now about those other jokers.
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Perjurer and Crook: Holder Ordered the Gun Walker Operation

You know it and I know it. This whole media business about “what did Holder know and when did he know it?” is baloney. It’s the wrong question. Holder ordered it. There’s no way in the world that this multi-agency operation happened without his sign-off, and considering what is coming to light, it appears that the origins of it were right out in the open. Standing at the top of the pyramid of responsibility is Attorney General Eric Holder.

The right question might be “besides Holder, who else ordered the operation?” because there’s a good chance that Secretary Napolitano conspired in it as well. Might as well get a two-fer discount on impeachments and prison time.
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Obama’s big important spe – SQUIRREL!!!!

The dude has nothing. Everybody knows it. Everybody knew it from the beginning. And when ya got nothing, what do you do? You distract.

All the hype; all the “I got this handled” swagger; the smug “I know America’s economy is reeling, people are hurting, and millions of citizens remain jobless, but let me take this Martha’s vineyard vacation first”; calling for, of all things a rare and special joint session of Congress as a backdrop for his wonderful, brilliant plan — SQUIRREL!!!!

— the schoolboy punk antics in calling for that joint session speech in prime time at the same time as a long-scheduled Republican presidential candidate debate.
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Happy Right to Work Day!!!!

Do me a quick favor. Go to Google and search on the phrase “right to work day”, using quotes on the outside. So far, we at UnifiedPatriots own this phrase. But we don’t want to own it. Next September, it’ll be a nationwide call to end forced unionization. Just watch.

I will not, even at the point of a gun, give the first, slightest , tiniest bit of honor to unions. I mean it. They represent Communism specifically, and tyranny, brute force, graft, corruption, and organized crime generally. In fact, along with millions of others, I do and will work tirelessly to end union tyranny in this land. But I am just one little writer, and I’m not even in enemy territory. You want to join the fight, in earnest? Start with LaborUnionReport and National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. That’s where the battle to liberate the 28 states is taking place.
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Obama Punks, Gets Punked: TommyX: Waaaahhh!!! Worst Cheaters Evah!!!!

Bully Barry shook down the 7th graders for lunch money one too many times, and finally Little Johnny Boehner put itching powder on the coins. Eventually Bully Barry went to the rest room, and well……ain’t karma a bitch?

Suddenly all of Bully Barry’s favorite bought-and-paid-for hall monitors are breaking into screeching hysterics. Foul!!!! How can you do that to poor little Barry? That’s the worst treatment ever!!!! Have you no shame? From the wailing you’d think the 7th graders randomly picked him from a crowd, gutted him like a fish and left his entrails in front of his mother’s house. Seriously, girls, do you have to absolutely get a case of the vapors over this?
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So, What’s Everybody Doing for Right to Work Day Weekend?

About 7 weeks ago I declared here that I would never celebrate Labor Day, for reasons obvious and numerous. Suffice it to say that I believe that unions and the labor movement as composed today (and 117 years ago as well) represent the very opposite of the ideas that America was founded upon, and under which America has thrived for well over 200 years. Unions are corrupt, anti-democratic, anti-freedom, and anti-free market. They are violent and dangerous. They are a parasite on the economy. What’s more, the federal government is so thoroughly penetrated by labor forces that they seem to work to one end. They deserve many things, all of them bad. What they do not deserve is to be honored with a paid national holiday on a par with Memorial Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Washington’s Birthday.

Now, all that said, the first Monday in September is a great location for a paid holiday. As they say, waste not, want not. so it is my intention now and evermore to use that day as Right to Work Day.
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2011 Jobs Plans: GOP 4, Democrats minus-1

The Democrat Media breathlessly await Moses barack coming down from the mountaintop posh vacation paradise to deliver The Latest Super Duper Genius Plan To Create American Jobs. Now that he is “pivoting to jobs” for the fifth time or so, surely his laser-like focus and that towering intellect will produce the grandest economic recovery plan ever constructed – with a genius right up there with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, combined with the tactical brilliance of Hannibal ransacking Italy, adding a dash of the compassion of Mother Teresa, and showcasing wit and aplomb that would have done W.C. Fields credit.
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Reasons to Despise Barack that You May Have Forgotten

The Media-Left Complex is busy right this moment going through Rick Perry’s past with a fine-toothed comb. Things done or not done in 1989 are suddenly of the utmost importance. Chrissie Matthews from MSLSD stated the other day that Perry “better be squeaky clean.” I guess Perry doesn’t give you a thrill up your leg, eh, Chrissie? Sarah Palin has famously gotten the “peek into every private area you can find” treatment as well, even to the point of email archives being made public, both legally and illegally.
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Dem Fairness: we hit you, you can’t hit back

The Democrats really are like 14-year old girls

in just about every bad way a person might mean that. They are colossally stupid; their values are twisted and amoral; their grasp of reality is tenuous and is seen not through the prism of facts and principles, but through the prism of what their peers consider cool; they believe with a fearsome tenacity, and based on no evidence whatsoever, that not only are they smarter than everybody else, they are always infallibly right, glowing beneath a halo of wisdom far beyond that of mortals; they believe fervently that the world is stacked against them, and that they never once have received a fair shake, nor have they ever gotten what they deserve. At least on that last point they are correct…….

The primary difference? Fourteen year old girls aren’t actually running the country, controlling its bureaucracies, and controlling nearly all the news media centers.
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