Kept Press and Keeping Tyranny

[this is the first of a three-parter]

The Founding Fathers were well aware of the importance of a free press and its role in keeping the terrors of tyranny at bay. It’s not exactly a rocket scientist concept; it has a rather “yeah no kidding, stupid” sense about it for many of us. But humor me as we state the obvious. With today’s higher education system crapping out legions of morons, and Democrats lurking under every rock, we can’t assume everybody gets it intuitively.

The first principle of the three we shall cover: A controlled press is essential in keeping tyranny in place

To keep your tyranny secure, keep the people uninformed. Use the news media to show that you are their ally, that life outside the walls is worse than on the inside, and have them constantly in fear of enemies and circumstances against which you are the only defense. A large and formidable enforcement arm of the law is the “muscle” side of this equation, but if the people are well-informed and able to communicate, no amount of subjugation will keep them down. You will eventually be overthrown.

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Not my president, part 8 of 50: Not ready for the 3am call

In the “Not My President” derby, horse number 8 of 50 is called “Not Ready For That 3 AM Call.”

President of the United States is a tough job. Nobody questions that. It demands the utmost even of a tough, capable, intelligent, and experienced person. Having a lesser, unprepared person in that seat is a disaster for America. That is one reason the job interview process is *usually* so thorough, the vetting process *usually* so rigorous. It is required during a sudden national emergency that the president act swiftly and effectively to secure the nation, minimize further damage, and put the nation on a footing to recover or respond.

In the immediate aftermath of terrorist attack on the American consulate and our ambassador in Libya on 9-11-2012, none of these things happened.

Hillary Clinton,during the Democrat primary race in 2008, questioned whether Obama would be able to lead during a national crisis, in which the president was woken up by a “3 am call.” Obama’s early actions illustrate that Hillary was right to bring that up.

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Wherefore the Vichy Republican Press?

I’ve always loved the two old-school words whence and wherefore. Whence doesn’t mean “when” (it means “from where”) and wherefore doesn’t mean “where” (it means “why). But I digress…..

We’ve all noticed in this campaign that many big players in the conservative press seem to have gone to great effort to do everything possible to undermine conservative goals – not exactly a surprise, and not exactly the first time (ahem do the 72,000 choruses of “John McCain, the electable candidate!” ring a bell?). During the primaries they undermined Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain, and promoted the moderate Mitt Romney. They got their wish. However, once Romney got the nomination, he became suddenly a much more aggressive candidate and effective communicator for conservative principles than anybody thought he would be. I know, I’m still stunned.

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Not My President, part 7 of 50: Libyan Ambassador murdered, Neville Chamberlain heads to Vegas

Really, barack?

Does America really, truly have a White House occupier who can’t even get himself worked up over a day that involved 2 American embassies breached, flags taken down, desecrated and replaced with a black Islamic flag, and culminating in the murder of our Ambassador to Libya by a mob? He’s delivered a couple of tepid statements decrying “senseless violence” and now is proceeding to Las Vegas for previously scheduled campaign events. What kind of unserious, golf-playing parlor dilettante does that?

Let’s put it this way. Not my president.

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Politico trying to make lemonade out of Empty Chair lemon

Too funny, and of course not a bit surprising:

Politico is well known as the Washington Post’s overt political arm where they can take all the political potshots at the right that are too blatant even for WaPo’s tainted Left election machine. Today they tried explain the runaway Empty Chair phenomenon, which I predict will become as much a part of the 2012 election lexicon as “you didn’t build that”.

Lead paragraph:

The right rallied on Labor Day to celebrate “National Empty Chair Day,” a show of solidarity with Clint Eastwood after his rambling address to an invisible President Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention last week.

So according to these clowns Tim Mak and Juana Summers, the Online Right is only doing this to give some cover for poor old doddering Clint Eastwood. Wouldn’t have anything to do with:

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Call the Waaaambulance! Rising sea levels not funny!

This just in! The mainstream and unbiased scholars at MSNBC/MSLSD are not amused. Republicans don’t believe in the Global Warming Hoax, and not only that, they seem to want to make fun of “Globers”.

The commies at MSLSD are fine with constantly lying about conservatives throwing granny over the cliff, about the violent and racist Tea Party people. They can mock conservatives’ dismay over the skyrocketing debt, and over the massive corruption and denial of freedoms under ObamaCare™, ObamaIRSDenyConservatives501c4Status™, ObamaEPAYouCantBuildThat™, ObamaBuyUnionsACouplaCarCompanies™, and ObamaCronyFakeGreenCompanies™.

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The Kept Media, hurricanes, and the wine in front of me

I’m just trying to keep straight what Pravda expects from presidents, presidential candidates, major party decision-makers, and major party chairmen when a hurricane hits, especially during a Republican convention. Should they cancel or delay conventions? Should they visit the disaster zone immediately to show their great concern? Should they wait awhile so as to not allow their presence (and attendant security measures) to interfere with rescue and recovery operations?

Judging by past behavior of the Kept Media, apparently …. yes! Or…….. no!

Actually it makes perfect sense if you let this scene from Princess Bride be your guide:

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Conservatives know how to vote multiple times too

We know that Democrats know how to vote multiple times. Lordy Lordy, do we ever know it:

  • dead Democrats vote for decades after they’re dead
  • they register as Disney characters, movie characters, and Dallas Cowboys players
  • they fill in absentee ballots that go to dogs, dead people, empty lots, drop boxes, and to fictional people
  • they register and vote in multiple districts, cities, and states
  • they drive around in vans on election day, traveling from polling place to polling place where they “occupy” names of people who are dead or fictional
  • they fill out entire boxes of ballots that are fed into the voting machines after the polling places are closed and they have some sense of how many votes are needed
  • they register and vote on same-day voting in more than one district
  • they proxy-vote for senior citizens in nursing homes
  • I’m pretty sure there are another dozen methods that good, honest conservatives never even thought about

The Republican Party is often called the Stupid Party, and that is true. However, this is another area in which party leadership differs greatly from party constituency. For you see, conservatives are not stupid. Far from it, in fact. In the past, we’ve been naive in assuming Democrats loved the country like we did, respected law, fair play, and decency like we did, and wanted freedom like we did. The last few years have disabused us of such notions.

Conservatives are smart. We may have started late in engaging this dirty game of politics. We may not be well organized. But look how fast the Tea Party arose and in the span of 15 months demolished the Democrat stranglehold on Congress in the biggest electoral turnaround in American history. We have a frighteningly steep learning curve.

Now we’ve learned how to vote multiple times.

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Not My President, part 6 of 50: murdering live-born babies

It occurs to me that I had better hurry up with this series; this guy is not going to be the official “president” much longer, and at that point, people aren’t going to be interested in reading reasons 11-50 of why some loser non-president should not be our president.

A quick recap of the NMP rules (the series can be found at PetesWorld, a compendium of contributions by EPU and the anonymous Pete) ): The Bush-haters declared George W Bush NMP purely over political and ideological hatred (i.e., the crime of being a Republican), and over wet fantasies related to the fact that Gore was unable to successfully steal the 2000 election from him.

I hold the office of President to be infinitely more precious than that. I would only declare a person sitting in the office “not my president” only over him being manifestly unworthy of the office; specifically, over deliberate and systematic abuse of power, over corruption, over inflicting deliberate harm on sectors of the country, over hatred of the principles of justice and freedoms upon which this Republic was built, and over moral fiber so craven, so bereft of goodness as to be vile. Such a one is not only not my president, his name does not even merit capitalization.

Reason #6 relates to that matter of moral fiber. barack obama, in three consecutive sessions as a state senator in Illinois, ardently opposed a bill to protect the lives of live-born babies who survived abortion attempts. In the third session, in 2003, as chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, he voted in favor of “neutrality clause” language that made the bill virtually identical to the federal bill, then led committee Democrats in voting down the bill in a 6-4 vote. This was a version of the bill that even NARAL dared not oppose. Yet barack did, actively and forcefully.

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