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Carville showing off his clueless [again]

James Carville, Democrat spin specialist and regular appearer on either CNN or MSLSD or both (why would I care, Tweetle Dumb and Tweetle Dumber Networks), offers some thoughts he calls Memo to the Republican Establishment.

He claims, in short, not to be very clear on who is this “Republican Establishment” that conservatives seem to dredge up as a boogey man of sorts. But that is just his introduction. His main point is to say our primary season has been a disaster, and that the result – seemingly that Gingrich has this thing in a walk — is all bad, bad, bad, and we are all stupid, stupid, stupid, and that he is happy, happy, happy.

Well, you see he’s a spin guy for the Democrats. That’s his job. What exactly would you expect him to say?
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Reasons to Despise Barack that You May Have Forgotten

The Media-Left Complex is busy right this moment going through Rick Perry’s past with a fine-toothed comb. Things done or not done in 1989 are suddenly of the utmost importance. Chrissie Matthews from MSLSD stated the other day that Perry “better be squeaky clean.” I guess Perry doesn’t give you a thrill up your leg, eh, Chrissie? Sarah Palin has famously gotten the “peek into every private area you can find” treatment as well, even to the point of email archives being made public, both legally and illegally.
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Why won’t he just shut up?

What is it about know-nothing, sanctimonious jerks like barack, that their one true area of competence seems to be demonstrating what fools they are? His maleficence and stunning lack of basic understanding are the chief causes of our current economic death spiral. Yet there he is, day after day after day, calling press conferences in which he blames everybody but himself, calling for new, even more destructive measures. Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. Never anything new, just the same tired marxist platitudes and class warfare. Meanwhile, unemployment goes up, gas prices go up, the stock market goes down, America’s credit rating goes down, our standing in the world goes down.

But there he is again, operating his pie-hole with a license to kill by serial stupidity.
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