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Expelling diplomats: more Gutsy Call diplomacy

Oh my, I just had a Chrissy Matthews moment. Last Friday, totalitarian Syria’s escalating military atrocities in quelling popular unrest and resistance have (probably not) culminated in a particularly brazen massacre of at least 108 civilians. [this act is not what gave me the Chrissy Matthews moment – this was in fact despicable and tragic, and reason 187,633,092 to hate totalitarian dictatorships and all freedom-stealing regimes everywhere and at all times.]

But in the face of this atrocity, my leg was in full tingle mode and I plumb near swooned as I got news this morning of the American response by Barry Milhouse Choom Brother John Wayne Gutsy Call Obama. Yep, in what will go down in Barry’s third autobiography and the New York Times as Barry playing the parts of all three Earp brothers and Doc Holliday in gunning down Clantons, McLaurys, and Claibornes with exquisite poise and deadly precision……

He expelled a diplomat.
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