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For those who can’t see the blowout coming

It’s going to be big. This November’s Republican blowout is going to be from top to bottom, the presidency, the Senate, the House, governor elections, state legislatures, mayors, city council, dog catchers. Tattoo it on your wife’s butt. I recommend “It’s a Big One!!!!” I believe that would play very well….

Barone, Luntz, and many other scholars are searching diligently for a template from a previous election to apply to this coming November. They crunch numbers endlessly, and pore over state-by-state polling, June-to-October shifts, demographics, voting blocs, and assorted triviata. The very bold ones point to 1980, but do so guardedly, because they fear to commit to what they see. The model is actually right in front of them, staring them in the face.

It is 2010.
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