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There was only one thing “botched” about Fast-and-Furious

Virtually every time the TreasonMedia™ bring up Captain Moron’s criminal operation called Fast & Furious, they speak of it as a “botched” operation. That suggests that they meant well, but either the planning or the execution of the operation was flawed. You see, they meant to sell guns to Mexican drug lords, and they would track the guns back to the bandit hideouts and …. uh, do something [I suppose either raid them in Mexican territory and issue them voter cards, or take away their forks and knives].

Documents in the hands of House Government Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa tell quite a different story, as do recent and not-so-recent public statements by Holder himself. In an administration that has exceeded our wildest imaginations in terms of arrogance and outright lawlessness, this one may win the prize.
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Silly Holder says constitutional crisis looming

Most of us have been aware of that for quite some time, Captain Moron.

Monday, under questioning by Chuck Grassley in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder described his predicament with Darrell Issa’s House Government Oversight Committee on Fast & Furious (short version: Issa has the goods on him, and Holder will be going to federal prison) as a “constitutional crisis”. He used the term 3 times.

I can see where a high ranking government official might resort to high-toned rhetoric in proclaiming his innocence when he is caught ordering a criminal enterprise run out of his office, then lying about it under oath repeatedly and going to great lengths to cover up his involvement. People like to think of themselves as in the right, and on the side of good against evil. I would think this especially true for the highest ranking law enforcement official in America.

But still, it’s funny to watch. Seriously, Eric? Constitutional crisis?
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