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Back to work

Ok, Christmas is done. Santa came for the good ones, Christ Jesus had a happy birthday.  A certain amount of after-Christmas business remains – gift cards to spend, sales, sales  and more sales, and about 7,000 more bowl games, including the NCAA joke national championship that has clown team Alabama instead of powerhouse and rightful #2 Oklahoma State against Darth Miles and the Evil Empire centered in Red Stick, Louisiana. Many of you have this week off from work. Good for you.

However, play time is over.  The REAL Evil Empire reigns over the United States, and they are fortifying their position while we sit around thinking the American people will see it happening and put a stop to it.
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Democrats: envy-driven politics, power-driven governance

I don’t want to paint Republicans, or even conservatives, as 100% pure, righteous, and absent of any blame, fault or sin. I will note, and leave it at this, that the general disposition of Republicans and conservatives, when they are not practicing the politics of appeasement, is toward personal freedom for Americans and a vigorous defense of America from enemies without and within. Those Republicans who are not in it for their own personal power are typically in it, at some level, for the people they represent, and for the vision of America shared by the Framers.

Now about those other jokers.
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Dem Fairness: we hit you, you can’t hit back

The Democrats really are like 14-year old girls

in just about every bad way a person might mean that. They are colossally stupid; their values are twisted and amoral; their grasp of reality is tenuous and is seen not through the prism of facts and principles, but through the prism of what their peers consider cool; they believe with a fearsome tenacity, and based on no evidence whatsoever, that not only are they smarter than everybody else, they are always infallibly right, glowing beneath a halo of wisdom far beyond that of mortals; they believe fervently that the world is stacked against them, and that they never once have received a fair shake, nor have they ever gotten what they deserve. At least on that last point they are correct…….

The primary difference? Fourteen year old girls aren’t actually running the country, controlling its bureaucracies, and controlling nearly all the news media centers.
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Democrat Lame Duck follies are a moral violation against America

In no way can it be imagined that the governed consented to this.

Some things are just wrong, even if they are legal. Some things are dishonorable to such a degree that the perpetrators ought to be scorned and shunned from civil society. The perpetrators of the 2010 Lame Duck follies — chief among them Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi — are reprobates of that order. The rest of them are scarcely better for having lent their votes.

I hold these points to be facts:

  • The Democrats were shellacked on November 2, a long-expected result, losing the most (63) of one party since 1938, and giving Republicans a commanding majority of 242-193 in the upcoming Congress.
  • It is ridiculous to interpret the election results as less than a thorough repudiation by the voters of what Democrats had done for 2 years.
  • The Democrats planned this Lame Duck session long in advance.
  • The Democrats planned long in advance to exploit the lack of accountability inherent in a Lame Duck session.

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Democrats, it’s time for you to shine

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……..

Now is an exciting time to be a Democrat, don’t you think? The midterm election is 40 days away. In a short two years we’ve gotten to see the Democrat vision for America take shape before our eyes. America stands ready to ratify that grand vision at the ballot box.

But instead of being loud and proud of the progress they’ve wrought on America, I see Democrats running from their records faster than Carl Lewis. They dodge any kind of forum where they have to meet constituents. None of their ads mention Porkulus, Cap and Trade, epic deficit spending, or even banking and automotive industry takeovers. By all appearances, the words “health” and “care” are not to be mentioned together, on pain of death. Nobody running for office wants Barack to campaign for them; or if he comes to their state, they mysteriously can’t break away from urgent business in order to be seen with him.

This is a strange and unbelievable thing. Why is this so?
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