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Obama Punks, Gets Punked: TommyX: Waaaahhh!!! Worst Cheaters Evah!!!!

Bully Barry shook down the 7th graders for lunch money one too many times, and finally Little Johnny Boehner put itching powder on the coins. Eventually Bully Barry went to the rest room, and well……ain’t karma a bitch?

Suddenly all of Bully Barry’s favorite bought-and-paid-for hall monitors are breaking into screeching hysterics. Foul!!!! How can you do that to poor little Barry? That’s the worst treatment ever!!!! Have you no shame? From the wailing you’d think the 7th graders randomly picked him from a crowd, gutted him like a fish and left his entrails in front of his mother’s house. Seriously, girls, do you have to absolutely get a case of the vapors over this?
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House leaders ignoring barack’s petulant edicts

I always thought it was a waste of time for House leadership to meet more than a couple of times with barack, along with some inconsequential players in other House and Senate leadership positions. Meeting a couple of times was a matter of courtesy, and failure to do so would have rightly painted House Republicans as uninterested in arriving at a solution, so one can hardly blame them for giving barack a chance to be reasonable. Once barack showed himself in his best arrogant, petulant, and grandstanding form, any meetings following that would have served no purpose.
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Boehner to barack: excuse us for trying to lead

I just don’t like Boehner historically. He’s done us wrong too many times. But MAN these days are just trying me. You’ve heard so much about these discussions between House leadership (Boehner and Cantor) and the Obamanistas. I’ve understood that Senate Dems and Repubs, as well as House Dems are also in attendance. But this thing is a deal when and only when Boehner and barack agree to something.

Maybe you’ve heard that the much-anticipated Sunday meeting lasted for 75 minutes.
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The case for Joe Barton as Chairman of Energy and Commerce

Did Boehner and House leadership hear the American people, or will it be business as usual? This decision will tell all.

[Full disclosure – Joe Barton is my congressman. I have met him in passing and have sat in a couple of meetings he has conducted, since I was once a precinct chairman. Likewise I have met a handful of his staff, who also probably have no memory of me.]

You may know Joe Barton only as the guy who in a recent committee hearing accused the Obama administration of a “shakedown” and actually apologized to the CEO of British Petroleum for despicable treatment from Democrats and the Obama administration while BP was going to extraordinary lengths to stop the spill and do right by the people in the Gulf. You may remember that as a major “gaffe” by an ignorant and bumbling back-bencher who was quickly and publicly put in his place by GOP leadership.

If that is what you know of Joe Barton, then you know nothing.
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