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Happy Second Birthday to Obamacare!!!!!

What? You had not heard? No mention by the Commie Media? No statement or celebration from the White House? Nobody from the DNC? Any Democrat in Congress?

Now isn’t that strange…… I mean, this was the signature accomplishment of the Obama Administration — well, until he decides to blame somebody else for it. The Left has been after this for half a century. This was the culmination of more than a year of cheating; stealing; hiding; having the Center for American Progress write the bill in secret; holding locked-door, Democrats-only sessions; bribing; race-baiting; blackmailing; lying; blaming. I’m certain high-earning Americans (aka, “the rich”) got blamed for something or other, although I don’t have a specific recollection of it. It’s hard to imagine the Democrats pushing a major bill without blaming the rich for something. These activities are the most fun a Democrat ever has, other than directly spending your money, or dictating to you when and where you may practice your religion.
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