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Overnite Pete – Thursday GM flaming kabob edition

So, it irks me a little that I thought of this first, but didn’t put it in print. I certainly thought of it before Rush brought it up, but hey, anyway. All this talk of Mittens and his tax returns, and somehow it’s not enough. But last night Macho Bambi got his stupid on and went on and on about how Warren Buffet’s secretary paid more taxes than Warren Buffet did. I say BS. Let’s see HER taxes, and for that matter, let’s see Mister Buffet’s too. I bet Buffet pays his personal secretary well up into the low $100k range, putting her into a fairly high tax bracket herself.
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Overnite Pete, Tuesday edition

Well, let’s get the 273rd “debate” of the season discussed and dismissed. Honestly, why the candidates subject themselves to another in a long line of charades put on by the Commie media wing of the Commie party, hosted for the purpose of discrediting all things American and conservative…..oh, I remember now. We can thank the RNC and The Mad Puppy Priebus, who has his nose so far up the major partisan media’s ass it must tickle their throats. Nice, now that there’s only four candidates left, that Brian still holds them to 30 second answers.

To sum up all the memorable moments of this sound-bite contest…..

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