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NH Debate: silly moderators, focused candidates

First off, the huge losers in the debate were the left-wing ABC moderators: George Stephanopoulos, former Clinton administration senior advisor, who brought an agenda that was so persistently left-oriented and focused on inconsequential matters that the moderate audience came to routinely boo him as the night wore on; and aging warhorse Diane Sawyer, hanging on for dear life to her chair, who may have managed to top her recent stunningly effective drunk-moderating performance. One entire 20-minute stretch was focused on sex, gay “marriage” [those scare quotes again…], contraception, and abortion, and devolved into such silliness that the candidates revolted against Stephy for pursuing such ridiculous topics when the economy and foreign policy were clearly the important matters of the day.
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Back to work

Ok, Christmas is done. Santa came for the good ones, Christ Jesus had a happy birthday.  A certain amount of after-Christmas business remains – gift cards to spend, sales, sales  and more sales, and about 7,000 more bowl games, including the NCAA joke national championship that has clown team Alabama instead of powerhouse and rightful #2 Oklahoma State against Darth Miles and the Evil Empire centered in Red Stick, Louisiana. Many of you have this week off from work. Good for you.

However, play time is over.  The REAL Evil Empire reigns over the United States, and they are fortifying their position while we sit around thinking the American people will see it happening and put a stop to it.
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Media study flavor of the week, missing Perry comeback

There is a pretty interesting dynamic happening as the Republican primary preseason draws to a close, and the Iowa caucus is now less than three weeks away. All summer and fall the media and the right-side pundits have acted as if there were only two candidates in the race: perennial bridesmaid Flipper Goodhair (Romney), and the latest conservative in first place. In order, they’ve been Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and now Gingrich.

This month’s version of pundit wisdom is that it’s a two-man race between Romney and Gingrich. Gingrich, for the first time under the bright light of scrutiny, has been wilting. Finally the GOP Establishment thinks they have their wish in that Romney has finally run out of those pesky “unelectable” conservative rivals.
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Reasons to Despise Barack that You May Have Forgotten

The Media-Left Complex is busy right this moment going through Rick Perry’s past with a fine-toothed comb. Things done or not done in 1989 are suddenly of the utmost importance. Chrissie Matthews from MSLSD stated the other day that Perry “better be squeaky clean.” I guess Perry doesn’t give you a thrill up your leg, eh, Chrissie? Sarah Palin has famously gotten the “peek into every private area you can find” treatment as well, even to the point of email archives being made public, both legally and illegally.
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UnifiedPatriots gets early scoop on TimeForPerry.com launch

Early Scoop

Wednesday night, Unified Patriots scooped most of the world on the launch of a significant “Draft Rick Perry” site and movement. The young start-up, with so-far humble numbers, humble beginnings, but quite a bit of connection where it counts, ran with the launch of TimeForPerry and a hard-hitting video Wednesday night with two frontpage stories before 11:15pm Wednesday, and a follow-up before 10am Thursday.

Most of the media and blogging world had it by noon Thursday. Our JadedbyPolitics had it on the site 18 hours before that, at 5:48pm Wednesday, 6 hours before it started getting its first national play.
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