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Taking it back: Labor Day? Make that Right to Work Day!

I’m as big as fan as the next guy of having a nationally-recognized 3-day weekend, suitable for grilling, lake or back yard fellowship, traveling, or taking on big home-improvement projects. Celebratory or honor-related 3-day weekends are especially great, even if primarily we do that celebrating and honoring in the above-mentioned ways. I love Independence Day (and I never call it “July 4”), because the signing of the Declaration of Independence signified a new way, a new beginning, a new form of government. I love Christmas, because it celebrates the birth of our Lord (even if in all likelihood He was born in March or April, and for that matter almost certainly 5-6 BC). I love Memorial Day as an opportunity to honor fallen Patriots in all wars.

Labor Day? Not so much. I’ll take the day off and enjoy the extra activities. But I’ll dress up like a big hairy woman in fishnet hose, and go hang out in a a biker bar before I’ll celebrate communism and the American labor monster.
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