Democrats, it’s time for you to shine

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……..

Now is an exciting time to be a Democrat, don’t you think? The midterm election is 40 days away. In a short two years we’ve gotten to see the Democrat vision for America take shape before our eyes. America stands ready to ratify that grand vision at the ballot box.

But instead of being loud and proud of the progress they’ve wrought on America, I see Democrats running from their records faster than Carl Lewis. They dodge any kind of forum where they have to meet constituents. None of their ads mention Porkulus, Cap and Trade, epic deficit spending, or even banking and automotive industry takeovers. By all appearances, the words “health” and “care” are not to be mentioned together, on pain of death. Nobody running for office wants Barack to campaign for them; or if he comes to their state, they mysteriously can’t break away from urgent business in order to be seen with him.

This is a strange and unbelievable thing. Why is this so?

In November 2008, America swept Barack into power with a 53-46% majority against formidable defense hawk (and otherwise feckless goat) McCain — a mandate if ever there was one. On his coattails voting Americans, dead and alive, swept Democrats to a 60% majority in both House and Senate. [with juuuuust a little help in the Senate, with 4 of those 60 seats stolen or bought*].

Hope and Change™. With a two-year running start in both Houses, Democrats were well on the way to delivering on that Change thing. It began in earnest in January of 2009. With a vengeance, some might even say.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……..
Let’s review some of those accomplishments, in roughly chronological order:

  • TARP — This was more of a Bush/Bernanke accomplishment with a bi-partisan assist, but I’ve never seen details ever get in the way of Democrats taking credit. Plus, that $700 billion TARP was eventually parlayed into banking industry and GM/Chrysler takeovers.
  • Porkulus — You didn’t waste any time getting this now-legendary $787-billion boondoggle jammed through Congress, with payoffs to every union outfit, Democrat donor, and leftist cause imaginable. Large portions of the fund exists today, as a slush fund for Democrat causes and campaigns. Bully for you! And clearly something got stimulated. I see the signs everywhere. No, literally, I see the signs. Everywhere.
  • Banking industry takeovers — You used TARP money and authority to bring those evil bankers to heel and add more regulations. Meanwhile, Fannie and Freddie, your pet cash cows and the cause of much of the housing industry collapse, remained as powerful and untouched as ever.
  • GM and Chrysler takeovers — Again, under the auspices of TARP, you seized the assets of GM and Chrysler, wrested them from the rightful creditors, and gave them to the unions. And let’s be honest here; unions are loyal friends and tireless workers, the best fund-stealers and vote-stealers in the business. They provide a seemingly endless supply manpower, GOTV, organization, intimidation, and dead voters. All they ask is that other people fund their pension plans.
  • Cap and Trade (partway) — It got through the House, and while it’s seemingly DOA in the Senate, the EPA is already taking steps to enact it without Congressional authority. Cap-and-Trade will accomplish so many Democrat goals: destroy evil oil; disrupt evil free-market business; there’s probably a way in the fine print to reward Democrat patrons and punish conservative interests — always good; best of all, it will stop Global Warming™ Climate Change™ Global Climate Disruption™……..I’m sure it will save us from something.
  • Unemployment — Currently it sits at 9.6% officially, after topping out at 10.0%. Since the Democrats have done everything imaginable to wreck the economy and destroy every possible job-creating policy or structure, it’s clear this is a goal of Democrats. You’ve demonized corporations, ruined Las Vegas merely by intimidation, brought onerous new regulations at all levels, and are about to raise taxes on employers (you call them “the rich”). You’ve plundered American auto makers, taken Toyota down a few notches with a phony scandal, and effectively ended domestic oil production. Good job, you’ve succeeded.
  • The federal deficit is off the charts — Again, clearly what you wanted. Good job.
  • Health Care Takeover — The crown jewel of Democrat accomplishments. You’ve assured the end of another 15% of the free market, and will enlarge the government still more in both number and influence. Americans will have cradle to grave coverage – with a little friendly nudge to facilitate the ‘grave’ part.
  • Iraq is won, and the troops are gone — According to Joe “Bite Me” Biden, that stands as one of Barack’s greatest accomplishments. Remember, taking credit is one of those things Democrats are so good at. Of course, “troops gone” is one of those colorful interpretations of facts on the ground.
  • Smashing the Gulf oil industry — The explosion of Deepwater Horizon and the subsequent 3-month gushing underwater well was fortuitous. With full-bore press support, the situation allowed the Democrats not only to shake down BP for (yet another) $20 billion slush fund controlled by Democrats, but chase all the deepwater rigs out of the Gulf, possibly forever. Imposing a de facto ban on offshore drilling permits devastated already poor Gulf states. But hey, they vote red, plus EVIL OIL!!!!

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……..

You know what? There are alot of other things rolling your way, for which Americans are or should be very grateful:

  • The recession ended in June 2009You heard, right? I mean, it was in all the papers. I know the voters have noticed. I, for one, expect you to reap the full benefit of what you’ve done with the economy. If you know what I mean.
  • The media remains the faithful lapdog of the Left — For the most part, anyway. While some are breaking ranks, they are still perfectly happy to carry pompons for Democrat candidates while shooting flaming arrows at Republicans, looking for every chink in the armor, every rumor, every past indiscretion. In other words, nothing much has changed here. It’s gotta be worth 15% in every election.
  • Leftist goons are ready to intimidate, violate civil rights, and steal votes — That’s sort of a useful skill to have at your disposal. And Eric Holder has made sure both conservatives and leftists know what the new rules are. New Black Panthers, anyone?
  • Obama approval remains in the 40′s — Bush in his second term, with sub-5% unemployment and a roaring economy, couldn’t do as well.
  • Those Tea Party people are crazy, lightweight astroturfers, and nobody listens to them — well, the press sure says so. Oh, and RAAAAAAACISTS!!!!!!
  • Unions and Soros-funded interest groups remain as strong, bold, and loyal as ever —SEIU, the Purple People Beaters, are perfectly happy to beat up blacks who get uppity, and the OFA makes millions of phone calls and quite likely bent Scott Brown over on a crucial vote to further enslave the finance industry.
  • Republican voters are foolishly rejecting moderate candidates and nominating conservatives and amateurs — This should allow the media to demonize and marginalize them, drawing attention away from these records that Democrats seem to not want to run on.
  • It’s not possible to lose 20 Senate seats in one cycle — Enough said.
  • We’re 20 days into the McCain-Feingold restrictions — That gives the leftist media a virtual monopoly on the election narrative for the final 60 days. Thank God for useful idiots like McCain, eh?

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……..

So, if I may ask:

  • Why won’t you own up to who you are?
  • Why won’t you run on the health-care takeover?
  • Why won’t you run on skyrocketing deficits?
  • Why won’t you run on 10% unemployment, that you have now declared is the new reality?
  • Why won’t you run on Cap-and-Trade?
  • Why won’t you run on the fact that the recession has “ended”?

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……..

Aren’t you at all proud of who you are and what you do?
[and don’t worry about that ticking sound. It’s nothing.]

*Coleman’s(stolen), Specter’s (bought), Allen’s (stolen by WaPo), Ted Stevens’ (stolen by rogue prosecutors)

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