Americans, start your cameras!

Document the biggest fraud in American history. Tar. Feather. Jail. Repeat.

They’re stealing on an epic scale this time. And you think they are unstoppable. You think they can manufacture phony votes, deny the vote to overseas military, rig enough voting machines, and commit enough intimidation to change the outcomes of far too many elections next Tuesday.

With the Justice Department under Eric Holder, Democrat cheating is now for all intents codified into law. The stories in the last week are rampant, yet the national media ignore it, even trumpeting obviously manufactured counter-stories of supposed Republican intimidation (for example Houston). Even the voting machine technicians in Nevada and elsewhere are SEIU thugs. Unions have spent at least $250 million in campaign donations, and untold more millions in ground game. Evil conspirators include OFA, SEIU, ACORN, AFL-CIO, and thousands of Democrat-owned election boards, precinct judges, poll workers, and union locals. In recent years the thefts committed against Rossi, Stevens, and Coleman were practice runs, and now the operation is running full scale.

Is there any hope?

I’m glad you asked. Yes there is.

There’s a whole battleship full of hope. You are going to get to participate in the grandest week of civil disobedience that ever toppled an evil tyranny.

They’ve been stampeded into rash action

What they’re doing this time, they’ve been doing for decades anyway. But there are two factors at work that make 2010 a fatal own-goal they will never recover from.

(1) They’re not this bold. They’re this desperate.
(2) This time, Americans are neither intimidated nor naive.

Yes, they’re committing fraud on a massive scale. The levers of power are on their side. The truth is, however, they did not realize until too late what a disaster November would be. Seriously, 14 months ago, only EPU and Jaded were saying the word “eighty”. Now, everybody is. Democrats are, in the fashion typical of the stupid, drastically overplaying. They didn’t think it would require this much cheating just to keep House losses under 60.

They were unprepared, so they’re freelancing. It’s like a shoplifter cramming every pocket full of merchandise. They’re leaving evidence all over the place. Such will be their undoing.

Then God said, let there be cell phone cameras

Now here’s what you do. Videotape everything. Start today.

If you are not cell-cam handy, do some training. Do it today. Figure out how to discreetly take still pictures, and videos. Find out how long your phone will take a video (some of them are only 30 seconds). Get an idea for the overall capacity. If your phone makes a shutter noise, figure out how to turn that sound off.
Once you are trained, you should immediately (like, Friday, Saturday, and so on) keep your eyes out. Look for:

  • anybody pulling up signs.
  • anybody loading or unloading boxes of any kind at a polling place, a union local, local ACORN, SEIU, OFA offices, or Democrat Party facilities. It may not look like anything by itself, but put together with other evidence from some other citizen, it may reveal a crime.
  • anybody who might be vandalizing anything.

On election day:

  • Do not get caught. Practice at home how to be smooth and discreet. Legally the worst they can do is make you leave the polling place if you are busted. They are not entitled to seize your recording device. Which leads us to….
  • Work in pairs (or groups). Do not let them know you are together. Let one person be the primary photographer, and the other keeps video on the first.
  • If you are in an area where it has been reported that the ballot has already had Harry Reid (or whoever) pre-selected, then record being handed the ballot or logging in to the electronic ballot.
  • Definitely pay attention to characters who look suspicious.
  • Definitely pay attention to people “assisting” voters.
  • Definitely pay attention to whether the poll workers are following state law in validating voters.
  • Outside the polling place, look to see if the 100-foot rule is being properly enforced.
  • If you see a politician electioneering in the polling place, video them.
  • Look for intimidation by poll workers.
  • Look for intimidation by unofficial people inside or outside the polling place. Look to see if the poll workers are acting in league with them.

The conservative reaction is already forming up. Along with posting at RedState, numerous “report cheaters here” places are cropping up. Don’t keep your video or your story to yourself.

But, but, but it’s illegal

My friend, sometimes laws conflict. Obeying one law means breaking another law. When that happens, you go to the fundamental principles. The law says you can’t use recording devices inside polling places. The law also says that those conducting elections
must follow certain procedures. In fact, poll workers are required to take an oath that they will obey the law and ensure fairness in every way possible.

When poll workers break the law, you can with a clear conscience break the law by videotaping them. Legal? No. Morally right? Yes! A thousand times yes! Do you know why recording devices are not allowed? It is to protect the freedom of voters to vote secretly. It is NOT to hide the evidence of evil and powerful people cheating.

In my opinion, if you are a poll worker and observe your mates cheating, you should video that. You took an oath to uphold the law. Break the little law to defend the big law.

Record them.

But they won’t go to jail

Not immediately, but yes they will. But it is the near-term fallout that is the most interesting. Robespierre Holder won’t rule the justice system forever. Or for very long, actually, after Darrell Issa gets through with him. Quite likely his non-response to this election will be his final undoing. The cheating associated with this election will cause a backlash we have not seen since the Stamp Act.

Certainly in the near term little if any official action will be taken. But that does not mean that no action will be taken, unofficially. There will be retribution, high and low. When Rossi and Coleman had their rightful victories plainly stolen, Americans were mad. Just not mad enough. 2010 is the end of that. I don’t know what elections will be stolen, but I believe that citizens will not allow it to stand.

I don’t know how far it goes, but I wager it goes farther than most people think. It will snowball. There will be people officially declared winners who will not be seated. How? Don’t know. I just know that Americans are done talking a good game.

Down the road, Holder’s DOJ will fall. Regardless, there will be a new administration, a new AG, and new DOJ, new US Attorneys, beginning in 2013. They will be given a mandate: clean house, big time. Perpetrators caught on tape will go to federal prison. I am willing to bet that more than one state Secretary of State goes to prison. New legal structures will make cheating more difficult, even in thoroughly Democrat-controlled areas. And quite possibly, at long last, federal judges will start getting impeached for openly flouting the law, just like the Ninth Circuit did this week.

Hope. And Change.

Americans, start your cameras!

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