Far from Gutsy: Contemptibly Craven

Most Americans have seen through the Commie Media’s borderline comical chorus of “most gutsy call in all history” and “cancel the 2012 elections” after Barack ordered the Navy Seals hit on Bin Laden. In spite of the media’s best efforts, polls have showed no particular bump (other than frequent outlier ABC/WaPo) in his approval ratings. Good on Americans. It is likely the lefty dreams of a dumb, gullible electorate are long gone in this era.

Commies, surprising nobody, have been classless in ascribing all glory to Barack, unwilling to concede the astoundingly obvious: that 90%, perhaps more, of the work done to get Bin Laden was done by Bush policies and Bush-era boosts in military and intelligence assets that the Commies opposed, undermined, and railed loudly against, accusing Bush, the military, and conservatives of the basest motivations and criminal deeds. Investigations against enhanced interrogation CIA agents continue while Commies bask in the glory of the Bin Laden takedown.

Most conservatives, Republicans, independents, and other people not drinking the Commie Kool-Aid have been gracious in giving Barack his due in not screwing up The Easiest Call In History. I think we do America a disservice by doing so. We should call this what it is.

The order by Barack to take out Bin Laden was a move that spells out how deeply cowardly and selfish is this unworthy man. He made this move not out of courage, or even out of duty. He did it because his desire to be re-elected outweighed even his radical leftist ideals, outweighed even his reflexive sympathy for Islam, all things anti-American, all things anti-freedom.

He did not make that move because he wanted to. He clearly did not want to order the hit on Bin Laden at all. The CIA and JSOC had served this up on a platter, locating Bin Laden, working through multiple scenarios and coming up with a plan that was worked out and rehearsed for months. Yet he dithered for 16 hours, sleeping on it while the team awaited the go order.

Ordering this hit went against everything that he stands for. He and his team have had to face the expected blowback from world Wahabbists and all Barack’s favorite despots, and they have had to attempt to reconcile his world apology tour with this textbook act of Cowboy Diplomacy.

What were the consequences of failing to act? OK, pay attention because this is complicated. If he failed to give this mission a go, Barack would lose the 2012 election by a large margin. There’s no way that scrubbed mission stays secret until November 2012. End of discussion.

So for the sake of having a chance at reelection, he sold out his anti-military principles, his soft spot for radical Islam, his attachment to fascist dictators, his desire to knock America’s world standing down to size, and even his instinctive desire to crawl into a corner and just vote “present”.

For once in his life he (eventually) stepped up and made the call. But not for any reason for which he deserves respect.

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