Not My President, Part 1 of 50: the Imperial barack

A president does not rule.

It’s not something conservatives and law-abiding folk like to say. It goes against our sense of decency, our respect for law, truth, and orderly government and civilization. It is especially repugnant since the marxist pigs of the American left use the term so flippantly against Republican presidents, as they are often so free to spew any expression of hatred toward the right. It sounds so like them.

But it was never so right as it is today.

He is not my president.

The President of the United States is given a sacred trust. In him resides the most power on the planet. That power is to be used to defend the Constitution and to see to the liberties and protection of American citizens, and to the defense of the homeland. But it is a power that is also to be limited. That sacred trust makes the abuse of that power, the usurpation of its prescribed limits, the ultimate betrayal. To say that barack has violated that trust fails to capture the massive evil he has done. The litany of betrayals is so plentiful that we’ve become numb to what seems to be the violation de jour. That said, I am going to attempt to enumerate them, or at least summarize them in a handy, usable fashion.

His deeds, and a number of them are crimes and provable, are worthy of impeachment – far more worthy than the misdeeds of Bill Clinton, who was impeached, and of Richard Nixon, who resigned rather than face certain impeachment and conviction. barack has far, far exceeded either of them in malfeasance. Unfortunately, impeachment may be possible, but conviction is utterly impossible. Democrats rule the Senate, and Democrats put their own political interests in power above the interests of the country so routinely we don’t even seriously consider that they would convict a Democrat president. In addition, the left-driven media would certainly use the inevitable impeachment fiasco to inflame and distort the situation to the considerable advantage of Democrats in the 2012 election season. So, we are left with using the means available to limit the damage barack does between now and January 20, 2013 when he is tossed out on his face and no longer has the keys to the republic.

But meanwhile I will do my best to bring shame to him and to those who follow and support him. The damage done to me personally, and to the republic I love, at the hands of barack and the Democrats entitles me to my pound of flesh.

A ruler does not serve.

All talk of revenge aside, the words “not my president” are not about my personal antipathy for barack. Those words sum up what has happened to America. barack is not our president. He is above the law, outside the law. He ignores, and publicly scoffs at, the constraints that govern the office. He does not serve us, as is his Constitutional duty, but instead demands to be served. He rules us. And while he is ruling us, he is not looking to our interests, but bending our world to his leftist and anti-freedom ideology. He is destroying, plank by plank, the framework the Founding Fathers built and 220 years worth of Americans and their Presidents protected. He is wrecking the economy, wrecking the free market, wrecking entire industries, extending government reach into unprecedented areas, choosing winners and losers, empowering left-driven unions, stoking racism, growing dependency on government, declaring war on whole states (Texas, Arizona, and Kentucky for example), standing American power down abroad, advancing the cause of jihad across the globe, ignoring court orders, congressional authority, and legal constraints.

That’s just the showroom barack. We’re going to go into the warehouse and catalague his high crimes and misdemeanors in a long, painful journey.

Next up, Part 2: the Imperial Porkulus. We won’t always go in chronological order, but I did want to start at the beginning.

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