Child Political Indoctrination: Republican vs Democrat style


The left-wing geniuses at Harvard University really screwed up. Some truths are really, really self-evident, but if you are an Ivy League academic and plan on keeping your CPUSA card, you should probably keep those truths to yourself.

Here’s what they reported, in short: Children below the age of 18 who participated at least once in rain-free Independence Day activities growing up show a small but definite trend toward voting and donating Republican as adults, as well as an increased likelihood of voting at all. More than one July 4 event increases the trend.

The study and its conclusions are frankly fascinating (I bet Democrats might not think so, though). They crunch some big-time numbers and asked some very interesting questions. They speculate on the meanings of their findings, and they discuss, at some length, the “intensity” of the celebration level in Republican vs Democrat counties. They note that the values associated with Independence Day are much more closely aligned with the Republican Party than with the Democrat party.

OK, you got us. That is how Republicans indoctrinate their children into the Republican camp. Love of country, veneration of the the Patriots, the Founding Fathers and their wisdom, explosives, family and friends, and really, really unhealthy food and drinks. I’ll tell you another secret. In church services in the July 4 week, you’ll commonly find patriotic themes, singing of Battle Hymn of the Republic, America, America the Beautiful, and stuff like….. wait for it …….. prayer.

This is how Republicans do it

This is how Democrats do it

This one was made by an Environmental Science teacher for his kids:

Any questions?

Republicans inspire love for country, American Exceptionalism, family, teamwork. Democrats inspire protest, opposition, and fear. Oh yeah, and blind hero worship.

I think I prefer our kind of indoctrination.

Fireworks pic credit: whitetailwoods.blogspot

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