House leaders ignoring barack’s petulant edicts

I always thought it was a waste of time for House leadership to meet more than a couple of times with barack, along with some inconsequential players in other House and Senate leadership positions. Meeting a couple of times was a matter of courtesy, and failure to do so would have rightly painted House Republicans as uninterested in arriving at a solution, so one can hardly blame them for giving barack a chance to be reasonable. Once barack showed himself in his best arrogant, petulant, and grandstanding form, any meetings following that would have served no purpose.

After showing plenty of patience, it looks like Boehner and Cantor have arrived at the attitude the occasion requires. The Hill titles it GOP leaders ignore Obama‚Äôs deadline. Thursday barack had ordered Boehner, as if he were his valet, to come up with yet another proposal in the next 36 hours, presumably with concessions of some sort. Apparently that is what barack thinks of as negotiating. The other side makes proposals, which he scoffs at. He runs to the press and makes outlandish claims about their “obstinence”, how they are “unserious”, and how they are putting the nation’s financial system in mortal peril (barack blowing through $3.6 trillion in 33 months apparently was not unserious financial management, right?). Then he demands they offer another proposal. Meanwhile, the next proposal from barack will actually be his first. Having done nothing except insist that there must be new taxes on high earners, and declare off-limits all his pet programs, barack ordered Boehner to surrender, or at least cower, genuflect, or maybe wave palm fronds at him.

The Hill reports that House leadership not only failed to produce another proposal, they didn’t even bother to respond. Instead, they have begun to focus on passing Cut, Cap, and Balance – which includes a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Now that is what I call a response properly given.

Atta boy, Boehner!

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