Yes: it’s time to consider Rick Perry

I wanted to expand on Jaded’s hot-off-the-presses video scoop. First, the video, by the new site Time For Perry, a group not backed by or affiliated with Perry:

The current crop of Republican candidates and prospective candidates is a good group. Don’t let the Democrat media machine convince you it is lackluster. There are good people there, several of whom would beat Obama hands down. Of course, of course, all of them have their weaknesses, and several I frankly don’t care for. But there is quality and elective power in there.

And now Texas Governor Rick Perry seems poised to run for President. To run over his whole resume would take some time. Like everybody, he has his strengths and weaknesses. Like him or not, if he announces, Mitt Romney is no longer the front-runner. Here’s the top few reasons:

  • He is the 11-year governor of one of the biggest states. Among all those big states, Texas is by far in the best economic condition, the most business-friendly, and the highest on barack’s enemy list. It has a relatively low unemployment numbers and has a balanced budget by law.
  • Texas is currently at war with the EPA, and is having more success than most states that defy the Obamanistas.
  • Perry is head of the Republican Governors Association. He has used that platform to stoke a nation-wide pro Tenth Amendment movement.
  • He is a strong and vocal social conservative.
  • He is largely considered well by the tea party movement.
  • He is hated and feared by the Republican Establishment.
  • He is very decent at voicing and teaching the conservative viewpoint.
  • He’s got presidential hair. Hey, don’t laugh. OK, laugh. But it makes a difference. George W Bush had unruly hair, and he barely managed to beat ManBearPig in the 2000 election. So there. It’s important.
  • There is something about Texas. To be governor there is to dwell in the nation’s epicenter of all things anti-Beltway Establishment. He has the nation’s attention, no matter who he is. But he has thrived in that position, and in doing so has drawn a ton of positive attention.

All indications are pointing toward Perry getting in the race, and soon. The site linked above, it’s about to go live. If you want to join in the party, go ahead, and sign up there at Time For Perry.

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