Dem Fairness: we hit you, you can’t hit back

The Democrats really are like 14-year old girls

in just about every bad way a person might mean that. They are colossally stupid; their values are twisted and amoral; their grasp of reality is tenuous and is seen not through the prism of facts and principles, but through the prism of what their peers consider cool; they believe with a fearsome tenacity, and based on no evidence whatsoever, that not only are they smarter than everybody else, they are always infallibly right, glowing beneath a halo of wisdom far beyond that of mortals; they believe fervently that the world is stacked against them, and that they never once have received a fair shake, nor have they ever gotten what they deserve. At least on that last point they are correct…….

The primary difference? Fourteen year old girls aren’t actually running the country, controlling its bureaucracies, and controlling nearly all the news media centers.

But back to the theme here. It is perfectly sensible to Democrats that they can say and do ANYTHING to conservative Americans – no matter how false, how damaging, how hypocritical, how unjust — and it is justified. No, actually it is a moral imperative. At the worst, it’s getting tough, it’s speaking truth to power. But the first time a conservative fights fire with fire, defends himself, or even sets the record straight in the most gentle fashion — well he’s extreme, hateful, partisan, unpatriotic, divisive, racist, rigid.

And you know what? It is all made possible by the dominant American news media. It is difficult to think of an institution inside our borders that is more wholly sold out to evil and to the destruction of America. Perhaps CAIR; maybe unions; perhaps Planned Parenthood, but you can already see the groups are starting to overlap.

The referees wear Democrat jerseys

For decades now the right has carped about the left-biased news media, their blatant double standards in coverage, in judgement, in presentation, in emphasis. None of us would care about a bunch if semi-literate knuckle-dragging, knuckle-headed leftist gasbags, were it not for the fact that, fantastically, the bulk of America’s citizens form their opinions based on how these crooks frame events and news. They are, sadly, the arbiters, the referees, of the political world, and they are so completely dedicated to Leftism that they instinctively protect Democrats at all costs, and automatically lash out at conservatives given the smallest opening to do so. And if there’s no opening to attack, they have no qualms whatsoever about making up wholesale lies and running with them. There is actually no need for any JournOlists, coordinated by mental pipsqueaks like Ezra Klein. That behavior, that group-think, is bred into Leftism just like….. well, 14-year old girls.

Combine the hateful spirit of the Left, with the even more hateful spirit of the referees, and then mix in the unfortunate conservative predilection to civility, to getting along, to following rules, to assuming the best motives of their opponents. Until their own guts are laying out in the street, conservatives don’t really understand that an opponent can also be an enemy. What does this combination get you? Well, you get what mankind has seen in 99% of its existence. Tyranny, injustice, no liberty, no protection of rights. Bondage.

The evil gain strength on every front. Every institution gravitates leftward over tim. What is happening here and now, in the greatest nation the world has ever seen, has happened many times before. In the rare cases where wisdom, sensibility, and justice reign for a time, it is wrested from evil men because good men got smart, got together, and got good and mad enough to just smack hell out of the evil men. And to finish the job. Form an ordered system of governance that makes and enforces rules to keep evil at bay. History shows that nothing good lasts forever, but we must always fight the fight. If the fates smile on us, then for a time we gain justice and liberty for our posterity for a few generations.

Now is one of those pivotal times in history

The evil is so close to winning the day, to rolling back 250 years of a civil and free society, that good men have to forget comity and civility. It is time to forget fair play and just get big whopping sticks and lay waste and carnage to the evil men. And then, when that is done, finish the job. Put tyranny out of reach of the evil men by a few generations.

After all, we get blamed for it, whether we do it or not.

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