2011 Jobs Plans: GOP 4, Democrats minus-1

The Democrat Media breathlessly await Moses barack coming down from the mountaintop posh vacation paradise to deliver The Latest Super Duper Genius Plan To Create American Jobs. Now that he is “pivoting to jobs” for the fifth time or so, surely his laser-like focus and that towering intellect will produce the grandest economic recovery plan ever constructed – with a genius right up there with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, combined with the tactical brilliance of Hannibal ransacking Italy, adding a dash of the compassion of Mother Teresa, and showcasing wit and aplomb that would have done W.C. Fields credit.

The beautiful thing is, it doesn’t even have to work. It doesn’t have to have an ounce of practicality. On Planet Mediatron, everything that falls from the lips of the Chief Teleprompter Reader (CTR) is preceded by angel trumpets and followed by angel harps — or if you don’t believe in angels, then every pronouncement is preceded by pink unicorn trumpets, and followed by glittery butterfly rainbows. The man could fall on his face and the Commie Media would proclaim the wisdom of a politician showing off his vulnerability and humility. Suddenly Democrat politicians everywhere would randomly fall on their faces at filmed events.

Here in the real world, unemployment is actually 10.6% (not the 9.1% advertised), underemployment is around 18%, 80,000 homes are foreclosed every month, gasoline costs double what it did when barack was elected, medical costs and insurance prices are spiraling up, and retirement account values are spiraling down. In this world, the pompous lecturing of a president fresh off yet another vacation at a posh resort mean nothing. As the CBO famously said of barack, “you can’t score a speech.”

If barack does indeed deliver a viable jobs plan, it will be the first Democrat jobs plan of this congressional session. In fact, it will not be the first, it will be the “zero-eth”, because Democrats have offered a negative-one total so far (more in a minute). The accusations constantly pour out from Planet Mediatron that the Republicans do nothing but oppose the Democrats, hold granny hostage, and do the crazed bidding of those radical tea partiers (don’t I wish). In point of fact, the Republicans in 2011 have launched 4 viable jobs bills.

Republicans: 4 jobs plans passed by the House

Republicans don’t run to the media and trumpet ridiculous ideas and call them some kind of plan. When at their best, they get it into a bill and pass it. So far in 2011, they’ve proposed and passed in the House 4 bills that if put into law, absolutely would have turned around the flat and flaccid job prospects in the United States.

  • repeal of Obamacare — passed January 19, HR2 was passed, the simple and complete repeal of Obamacare. Without question, Obamacare has been a huge job-killer. Employers nationwide have curtailed hiring because of either the uncertainties of Obamacare, or the certainties, the known bad things. In addition, Obamacare has piled on a mountain of costly requirements, hidden taxes, and burdensome regulations that serve to dry up profitability of everybody in the industry, further dampening any incentive to hire. Killing that bill is, by definition, a jobs bill.
  • the Ryan budget blueprint — passed April 15, it was a framework (see Heritage summary) calculated to pare $600 billion a year from the budget, reform Medicare by block-granting to the states, and simplify the tax code — again, applying much-needed relief from regulations and overblown bureaucracies, and freeing up loads of capital currently sitting on the sideline. In short, a jobs bill.
  • Expansion of offshore drilling — passed May 5, it was a bill compelling an end to the Democrat choke hold on domestic oil drilling. The war on oil and coal has raised the cost of doing business everywhere in the country, therefore curtailing hiring. The raise in energy prices has added hidden costs to every layer of life, including individual consumer spending. Renewed domestic drilling efforts would lower costs everywhere, and give businesses more opportunity to expand and hire.
  • Cut, Cap, and Balance — passed in the House July 19, as a solution to the debt limit impasse, it approved raising the debt limit in exchange for statutory and constitutionally mandated government fiscal sanity, including a Balanced Budget Amendment. It was the only proposal from either side that might have met the criteria set out by Standard & Poor to avoid America’s credit rating downgrade to AA. It was another bill that would actively work toward defeat the job-killing expansion of bloated and money-hungry government.You know, a jobs bill.

Every single proposal above is a viable and sensible jobs plan. Every single one was passed in the House, and either voted down in the Senate or simply tabled. Every single one barack expressed opposition to. And every single one would have provided precious jobs to people who desperately need them.

Democrats: 0 jobs plans proposed, 1 anti-jobs plan passed

Meanwhile, over in Democrat-ville, the supposed Party of the People has accelerated the regulatory state in an alarming fashion. The EPA and the NRLB seem to be in an active shooting war with American jobs. Naturally, the Planet Mediatron assigns blame for the seemingly intractable unemployment situation on those pesky tea party people.

The Democrats talk incessantly about what the Republicans are doing wrong — or even, laughably, that the Republicans are nothing but obstructionists — while Democrats propose nothing of their own, letting the bureaucracies do their dirty work. the Democrat-led Senate has not passed a single budget bill, not counting continuing resolutions, in over 800 days.

When the Democrats do decide to legislate, their bills look like Obamacare, the Porkulus, Cap-n-Tax, and that horrible budget they tried to pass during the Lame Duck. Now that I think of it, I’m rather glad when they’re not passing bills written by the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP).

In 2011, the sole contribution of Democrats to the jobs situation is the Debt Limit bill offered by Reid & Co that ended up becoming law. Trillions more in spiraling debts, with no conditions except the good possibility of getting defense cut. I call it a job-killing bill (just like Obamacare, Porkulus, and Cap-n-Tax) and therefore a negative-1 score.

The latest new jobs pivot

I shudder to think of what barack has in mind as a jobs bill. My prediction is that whatever he proposes will be a job-killer, a tax-raiser, a regulation-increaser, and somehow will give advantages to unions. It won’t even have legislative language. So whatever platitudes he proposes will actually have to be converted into reality by other people.

Chrissy Matthews may get all tingly up one of his legs. The rest of America is not even tuning in.

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