Obama’s big important spe – SQUIRREL!!!!

The dude has nothing. Everybody knows it. Everybody knew it from the beginning. And when ya got nothing, what do you do? You distract.

All the hype; all the “I got this handled” swagger; the smug “I know America’s economy is reeling, people are hurting, and millions of citizens remain jobless, but let me take this Martha’s vineyard vacation first”; calling for, of all things a rare and special joint session of Congress as a backdrop for his wonderful, brilliant plan — SQUIRREL!!!!

— the schoolboy punk antics in calling for that joint session speech in prime time at the same time as a long-scheduled Republican presidential candidate debate.

After all that smoke and noise, pomp and ceremony, strutting around and adoring media build-up, it’s perfectly obvious to everyone in America – including that same adoring media – that barack has no new plan, no innovative, clever way to cheat fate and whisk America out of its Democrat-caused troubles and into that shiny new Obama-world where all our needs are met by our “federal familyand nobody questions the wisdom and benevolence of the nanny state — SQUIRREL!!!! — or brings up inconvenient concepts like liberty, consent of the governed, freedom of speech, private property, freedom of association, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, American Exceptionalism, God, or morals.

How this great big build up happened is no real mystery. Jobs, unemployment, and the economy have been on the forefront of Americans’ minds for, oh, about 4 years now. barack and the Democrats have been consistently and properly criticized for attending to the creation of Nanny State while ignoring or outright hindering the basic duties they have to the citizens. After the debt deal and the ensuing AA bond rating killed whatever confidence America had in barack’s leadership or good intentions, his personal poll numbers dropped precipitously from what were already unhealthy numbers.

It was time for another distraction…SQUIRREL!!!!
, so he did what anybody might do who has nothing except a supremely lofty self-image. Hey, in a couple of weeks, after my swanky vacation, THEN I’ll give the world my new big plan to fix this economy and get it rolling. Yeah, yeah, that’s it. A big plan, and it’ll knock your socks off.

And so the dumb idea was born without any serious thought, barack probably having drifted too far away from his Binkie (teleprompter) and got caught freelancing again : the great big, can’t miss plan somewhere down the road. Only he put a delivery date on it: after his vacation. And because you really can’t fix stupid, he upped the expectations by calling for an extremely rare and serious event: a joint session of Congress.

The deadline approaches, and the only ideas barack has are more of the same: even more Porkulus presented as make-work construction projects which will turn out to be just feeding the pension funds of government employees; blaming Republicans for starting the recession and then thwarting his grand economic plans; taxing employers (“the rich”) and in general punishing success; more propping up impractical green technology at the expense of real energy production; more blaming Republicans; blaming Bush; blaming the Supreme Court; and still more blaming of Republicans. Yawn……

This is not really a matter of speculation by a virulently anti-barack blogger. In the run-up to this dud of a speech, barack has been unusually critical of Republicans, even for him; the union bosses and the CBC honchos are amping up the anti-Tea Party hate speech; various lefty pundits and so-called economists are clamoring for a bigger and smarter “stimulus”; and now the White House is floating up a lead trial balloon to the effect that America should not be expecting anything grand and history-making in this speech. in other words….SQUIRREL!!!!

Thank God the Saints-Packers game starts an hour after the speech begins. Because by then what’s left of his audience will be in dire need of another distraction.

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